Bhutanese Stambha Nirman Samiti announces dissolution

Dr. Bhampa Rai. Photo/BNS.

The Bhutanese Stambha Nirman Samiti which was announced in 2020 for the purpose of constructing a Bhutanese Memorial Tower at Kotihome, Jhapa Nepal has announced its dissolution on April 16, 2022.

This committee, constituted of select members of the Bhutanese diaspora under the convenorship of Dr. Bhampa Rai was to collaborate with the local Nepalese Committee, Kankai Dharmik Vikash Sanstha, Kankaidham that was developing the Kotihome area as a religious and tourist destination.

“As the Committee began deliberating on the specific details of the proposed Memorial Tower, it was deemed necessary that we would need a larger space within the proposed site to mark a proper representation and memorialization of our history. The local Nepalese Committee, Kankai Dharmik Vikash Sanstha, Kankaidham, however, expressed its inability to provide a larger space citing the reason that the proposed Bhutanese Stambha, being a part of a larger project at the site needed to be confined within the space and description they provided,” said a press statement sent to BNS.

The statement further added that the “Bhutanese Stambha Nirman Samiti, upon objective study of the parameters laid down by the local Nepalese Committee and repeated deliberation on the requirement of a just and reasonable memorialization of our history, came to an informed conclusion that the size of the space and the description within which the Bhutanese Memorial Tower was required to be confined in, would be wholly inadequate to memorialize our history.”

“We therefore concluded that space constraint and the attachment of other extended conditions would not be conducive for the construction of a tower of the intended historical signification,” added the statement.

According to the press statement, the Bhutanese Stambha Nirman Samiti did not solicit or collect any funds from any sources. “As the Samiti stands dissolved, the question of further soliciting or raising funds in the name of Bhutanese Stambha Nirman Samiti does not arise,” added the statement.


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