Bhutanese stage introductory cultural program


August 02, 2009: The Bhutanese refugees in Syracuse (NY) gathered  at Franklin Magnet Elementary School auditorium to mark the Introductory Cultural Program aimed to introduce themselves to the Americans and other refugee communities on August 1.

The program included typical Nepali dances like Sangeeni, folk songs, solo songs, group dances, speech on the history of Bhutanese refugees and the historical photo exhibition. The home made Nepali dishes of more than fifteen varieties also added to the taste of the program. The native Americans, people from other refugee communities like Burma, Sudan, Congo, Bosnia, Vietnam and Russia-Turkey were also present in the program organized by the Bhutanese Community In

At the time when the resettled refugees have been facing numerous problems in different states of America, this cultural event conducted amidst 200 people is expected to build up new, fresh and positive relationship among different communities.

By Kazi Gautam / Syracuse, NY