Resettled folks participate in cultural event


Resettled Bhutanese in Canada participated in a cultural program organized by the YMCA at Newbrunswick Saint John on November 19, Friday.

Seen as an event of the first kind in the area, around 100 Bhutanese expressed their joyful participation in it.

Bhutanese artists in the stage to perform a cultural dance

Scores of Nepali citizens settled here were among others who attended the function that featured various cultural events including typical Nepali songs, dances and Dzongkha dances, among others.

The program also observed the singing of National Anthem of both Bhutan and Nepal.

Reported by Damber Ostiee for BNS from Canada


  1. We all know that we are Nepali Origin People from Bhutan…Most of us were born,grew up,had education in Bhutan,Maximum people know the social and political facts about our Bhutan.Why do we present only Nepali cultures based on Hinduism in our programs ? We were born in a country,which is composed of multi-lingual,multi cultures and multi religions.When we were in Refugee Camps,we used to show Dzongkha Dances and our skits used to have dzonkha tongue besides these we still have the old photos wearing the Bhutanese National dress “kho and Kira “We shouldn’t ignore these.I have mother language,social language-Nepali and National language-Dzongkha.Can’t we use these languages to reprent our identifications of our nation, national and nationality in our programs ? When we are conducting the our cultural programs maximum songs and dances will be from Hindi Movies and we always prefare to include the Hindi songs and dances but never Dzongkha song and Dzongkha dances in our cultural programs.why ?????? Aren’t we from Bhutan ? If we are then please love Bhutan and its cultures.
    Jai Bhutan

  2. GOOD TO SEE people doing different activities in various part of the world. Thanks for the talents and dedications of the Bhutanese people. I like to congratulate all the people involved for making this event a success story. One success story will multiply and this will bring a good reputation of the Bhutanese people wherever we dwell. Thank you Canadian cohort for doing a good job to keep up the tradition and culture which shall go a long way to guide the young generation that can follow in the days to come.
    DB Adhikari