28-yr-old resettled youth commits suicide

Late Adhikari. Photo Courtesy: Family

Narayan Adhikari,28, committed suicide in his apartment in Cincinnati, OH early Tuesday morning, hanging himself to death.

According to family sources, Narayan was found dead in the bathroom, early Tuesday. He might have committed suicide late Monday night or just after midnight, a brother of Narayan told BNS.

The dead body has been taken by the police and the family is not given any further information whether the body is hospital for postmortem or has been taken to funeral home, said Sudarshan Adhikari, brother of the deceased.


  1. This is unfortunate because we are losing many youths day by day. Many refugees have suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and completed suicide. Another factor of depression and suicidal cases is post migration difficulties. The most common post-migration difficulties are the language barriers, worries about family back home, separation from the family, and difficulty maintaining cultural and religious traditions. If anybody sees any depressed person, please do refer to the therapists. This is the only way to reduce this suicidal activity in our community.
    If anybody doesn’t have any idea regarding the research about depression and suicidal cases of the Bhutanese refugees in the U.S, please do see this web-link.

  2. It wonders me that this newspaper or what it might be give attention to those who commit suicide, because where I came from they keep this thing quite like it is forbidden to write of the so many people who commit suicide. A reporter from Bellringer site http://www.boinnk.nl do investigation to this and find out that it seems to be a unspoken rule not to publish it. And for my concern it seems that the move it forward because they haven’t no answer to it, or it suppose to ben that someone killed him of herself. It’s sad for words. For all the family’s who’ve lost someone I give them my blessings and please keep your head upwards because He give support!!

  3. It is indeed a very sad news and it is such a heavy loss for the family. We should all give support to the family at this time. It must be so hard for the parents, brother and other family members. Lets all do what we can to make the family gather strength to overcome this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace, lets all pray for his soul.

    I would also like to encourage other youths in USA and other countries not to think ever of taking such a path. The person who commits such an act is gone but imagine the hardships the family has to suffer and the legacy the person leaves behind. As human beings we should gather courage to look at things positively and get away the negative emotions that we all encounter when we are in sad moments.

    Life is hard everywhere and during this early settlement phase in these countries, it is even harder. We should be able to look at life longer with a vision and manage the transitions that you all are going through right now. It is a time of learning and your learning curve will always remain an up-heel battle as it is for all of us who are new to these countries. Take it as an opportunity to learn new things to build your life and society wherever you are settled. Think of yourself as new citizens of these countries with full of opportunities to contribute to make these countries a better place to live.

    I would encourage you to look at the various challenges you are undergoing as an opportunity and a stepping stone to build your life and not a moment of despair and hopelessness. Things happen for a good reason and there is always the positive side to it. It is the lens through which we look at it that matters. Watch out your lens and make efforts to keep it clean and focused.