Bhutanese in UK observe Janai Purnima


Bhutanese resettled in the UK observed Janai Purnima amidst a social gathering in the bank of Debdale Lake in Gorton, Manchester, Saturday.

The highlight of the day was an event complemented to Janai Purnima by a long-walk in Manchester, participated by around two dozen elderly Bhutanese and youths.

Bhutanese Hindus exchanging their Janai (Picture : Sitaram Pokhrel)

Several Bhutanese of Hindu faith came together early morning of Janai Purnima and walked to the bank of the Debdale Lake where they took holy bath and changed their Janai, the sacred thread, with the performance of some Hindu rituals.

Pandit Tara Nidhi Niroula performed more than an hour-long Vedic ceremony on the spot, which ended with Aarati and Rakshya Bandan.

The Pandit also explained the importance of the festival and how the holy thread was purified with Vedic mantras stating that the thread is a symbol of knowledge and protection as per our religious belief.

He said, ”We live in the land of cultural diversity and high-tech modern society. If we are not serious in protecting and promoting our cultural practices, our future generation shall land up nowhere.”

According to him, it is the responsibility of parents and seniors to educate and guide and teach young minds about culture for creating a better community tomorrow.

Pandit Niroula (red sweater)

“People from every faith have their own ways of following their religion and culture, and we cannot let our future generation become directionless,” added he calling upon all the Bhutanese Hindus to understand the need to educate future generation.

A Ghimirey family served lunch of the day for every one. People enjoyed various recipes of traditional foods.

Contributed by Durga Giri from Manchester of United Kingdom for BNS.


  1. Good to know the celebration of Janai Purnima in the UK. We have also celebrated Janai Purnima and Rakshay Bandhan yesterday by changing Janai(holi thread). It is good to keep the tradition and pass it to the young generation. Kudos to the organizing committee.

  2. Bhutanese in Melbourne has also celebrated Jainai Purnima at my resident with 70 people flocking in.
    The program followed puja in my home, Hawan and then Prabachan by Pandit Mitra lal Adhikari on the origin, concept and meanming of this Jainai Purnima and raksha bandan. Then folowed by the weekly BHAJAN under the team leader of Dilliram Adhikari.

    Thank you all for sharing this news around the world.
    Next week, the team in Melbourne is gearing up for big Krishna Janma Astami celebration under the coordination of Bhim Dangal who was from T-mai camp.
    All of us can do a bit to keep the cultural taraditiona and festivals alive.

  3. Sharing is loving … we are all sharing our cultural norms and values .Really good to see and preserving the relegious event . Its a way to inculcate religious faith to our children . Education regarding this type of events to our kids is equally important in abroad . I appreciate friends in UK doing this event in a mass. Thanks ….a lot .