Bhutanese in UK observe Dasai, Tihar


Report received late says resettled Bhutanese in UK have observed Dasai and Tihar festival on the October 30 with full enthusiasm which started at 11 A.M and ended at 5 P.M.

The event took place in the Central Hall of the Manchester city.  The program started with the performance of Mangalacharan by Pandit Tara Nidhi Niroula, who also explained the historical importance of this festival.  This was the first social gathering of the resettled Bhutanese in UK.

Bhutanese enjoy Nepali food during the program. Photo Courtesy/Mani Thapa

The main organizer of the program was Mani Thapa supported by senior Bhutanese Tilak Subedi, Yam Khadka, Dr. Prakash Subedi, Shila Thapa and others. The program was co-sponsored by Refugee Action the resettling agency of the Bhutanese refugees in UK.

The event was graced through the participation of Richael Carnage the chairperson of Bhutanese Refugee Support Group UK. She spoke of her life 25 years back in Lamidara as a school teacher. She expressed that it was a most precious part of her life to know several new things in her life. She also expressed her happiness about the resettlement of the Bhutanese refugees in the UK and her commitment to remain as a family member with the Bhutanese community.

Similarly, the Bhutanese gathering was honored by the participation of Professor Dr. Michael Hutt, a highly respected scholar in UK who is well versed with the cause of the Bhutanese people. He spoke about his attachment with Bhutan and the Bhutanese people. He welcomed the resettled Bhutanese to his country and assured that they would soon integrate here and make their home in this country.

On behalf of the resettled Bhutanese, Prem Giri   thanked the government of UK and the people of this historic country for giving new life and hope to the Bhutanese refugees by resettling.

He also thanked the Refugee Action the resettling agency for providing all possible support in the resettlement process. He also appealed the UK Government to consider the resettlement of more refugees from the camps in Nepal.

A ten years old girl Prasanya Giri from amongst the resettled Bhutanese expressing  her gratitude to UK Government said ‘’I was surprised to find the games and teaching materials in her school in the UK compared to that of the refugee camps’’. (Click here to download his speech)

The program was followed by the performance of various cultural shows and varieties of traditional food were served.

Towards the end of the programme, a wrap up speech was presented by a blind student Yam Mainali from amongst the resettled refugees.

He has expressed that the resettled refugee should not forget their past and make the  best use of the opportunity given to them and remain thankful to the resettling countries.

Durga Giri contributed this news from Manchester.


  1. It is our privilege to maintain out traditional values outside our lands. We were poor in overall aspects, but now we have started to enrich our knowledge, culture, sentiments and our creed ” The Bhutanese Values”.
    We should be proud to be Bhutanese and our celebration will distort parochialism by restoring social values and moral obligations.
    Again, Hats Off to the resettled Bhutanese in the UK, who were able to accomplish the first celebration.

  2. Well done UK Bhutanese,
    You are the new resettlement country and so soon you all come up together. Please keep the same spirit as you grow up. Happy to see names of some gaulay bhais.
    Durga dai, are you in UK now?
    All the best