Bhutanese in Sydney bags excellence award


Yadav Timsina, a resettled Bhutanese in Sydney, Australia, has been awarded the TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute 2012 Student Excellence Award.

Yadav Timsina (right) during the award ceremony

Timsina, who is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Western Sydney, was selected from the category of equality-special achievement, informed Dr Om Dhungel, President of the Association of Bhutanese in Australia (ABA) Sydney.

MP Tanya Davies awarded Timsina amidst a special program organized in Sydney on Thursday.

The award has recognized his handwork while he was studying in Nepean TAFE Kingwood.

Congratulating Timsina for his achievement Dr Dhungel said, “He has made all of us proud. The community is known to many people across the region due to his achievement.”

Timsina was a former refugee from Sanischare camp in Morang district of Nepal.


  1. This is great achievement for you personally and the Bhutanese community at large. Congratulation young fellow and let more of such excellence be the news from the Bhutanese community all over the world. This achievement is the pride of all the Bhutanese. Well done Yadav