Bhutanese in Norway participate in National Day Celebration


Resettled Bhutanese people in Norway participated in National Day Celebration programs organised in different parts of the country today.

Participants in the program. Photo/Marek

For the first time after being resettled, Bhutanese people in western Norway have also made a formal participation in people’s parade organised regionally in Haugesund, a central city in western Norway. “We felt the importance of this sort of participation as an accessory means to be integrated in the society we are living today”, Rohit Pokharel said. Pokharel, who is also the president of Association of Bhutanese in Norway-Rogaland Working Committee, called for the participation of Bhutanese people in people’s parade.

“We are proud to get a country for which we stood together after spending many years in refugee camp”, Pokharel added. Majority of Bhutanese participated in the celebration, either in people’s parade or in the programs organised in schools or municipalities.

Laxmi Dhital (Girls in the band, first from the right). Photo/Kopila Gautam

Laxmi Dhital, a Bhutanese child of 10 years was selected for a school band which played music for the entire parade teams.

May 17, which is observed as Norwegian national day, is the day on which the constitution of Norway was signed in the year 1814 which declared Norway as an independent nation after remaining in union with Denmark and Sweden for many centuries.

Contributed by Ramesh Gautam from Norway for BNS.


  1. It was the most important participation from Bhutanese side.It shows that refugee people have dedication towards there land and community . I wish all the best of Laxmi Dhital g. Go ahead and hold more area and keep the good name and fame of Bhutanese people and land . wish you the best of good job.

  2. If you have already got a country (Norway), are you not supposed to be called as Norwegians? In stead of bragging, it is high time that you integrate into mainstream Norwegian and keep the Bhutanese name alone. It belong to people who live in Bhutan.

  3. Lotus Flower – We are Bhutanese by birth, Norwegian by domicile, Nepalese by ethnicity. Jealous yet?

    Keep smouldering inyour own fire of hatred and jealousy – there are certain things in the world which can nto be changed by the hate-spewing rhetoric of a few individuals who are scared shitless about other people doing better than themselves.

    We will continue claiming the Bhutanese tag. I asume, in the meantime, that you have the freedom to do whatever it is that you do when you start twisting with hate.