Bhutanese in Norway form association


The resettled Bhutanese in Norway have formed a social organization, Association of Bhutanese in Norway, following intensive discussions since four months.

The declaration came yesterday through online discussion forum where almost all resettled Bhutanese from various provinces showed their participation.

“Continuous discussion up to five hours could finalize the formation of ABN”, said Ram Bahadur Baniya, who is elected as the secretary of the organization.

Ramesh Gautam, who edits, is elected as the organization president. While Dinesh Subba, Devicharan Chamlagain, OP Chapagain, Chandra Sanyashi and Tilak Dhital are the members of the steering  committee that will work for legalization of organization according to Norwegian laws, drafting of the organization’s bylaws and holding the first election in a democratic manner.

The association aims at working for the preservation of culture, language and other different identities prevailing of the Bhutanese in Norway, said Gautam.

According to Baniya, ABN will create connecting links with the Norwegian organizations, various community organizations of the Bhutanese Diasporas, and also play a significant role in the Bhutanese community during emergency.

We all are together now and hopefully NBA will be a national level organization, said Baniya.


  1. Well done!! & congratulation for all the Bhutanese people who are there in Norway and trying to form Bhutanese Association in Norway. WE all from other countries will pray to god to have success for Your association in commming days. Try to mention about the works done or going to do by that association also ok. We will be waiting for that news too. Thanks from the buttom of my heart.

  2. Its good to hear that you have formed an organization to update our culture and identity.Go on friends!!!!Australian Bhutanese Community is also on the same pace.Let all the scattered bhutanese family have the same thoughts and feelings ever!!!!!hope to hear more in coming days.