Bhutanese in Norway bids good-bye to Tihar


Rogaland, Oct 19: With three days of continual celebration on the auspicious occasion of Tihar, Norway finally bids good bye to it with Bhai Teeka being observed today in the apartments of individual Bhutanese resettled there.   

According to our Norway correspondent, the Deusi- Bhaili program organized by Association of Bhutanese in Norway (ABN), Rogaland Working Committee started on Friday evening, formally concluded yesterday night covering 14 different families living in four different kommunes (municipalities) in this region.

“Since we have a little community with families living far apart from each other, organizing such programs is always a big challenge but we are very happy that we are successful in many of such events,” said Krishna Dhital, the Secretary of the Committee. At least 60 Bhutanese individuals live in this region.

With significant amount of Deusi-Bhaili Daan (special donation to those who are in the celebration), ABN aims at funding some programs listed in drop down important events.  

When asked what they will do, Rohit Pokharel, the president of the committee said that they were determined to start Nepali language classes for elderly people and creative activities for the resettled children.

Click here to watch the youtube video of the celebration.