Bhutanese in KY elect new executive body


The election of the Bhutanese Community of Kentucky, Inc was held in Louisville city of Kentucky State in United States which elected 21 executive committee members.

The result of the election, held in seven different locations where Resettled Bhutanese reside, was formally announced on Saturday amidst a gathering in Village Manor Apartments.

Buddha Mani Dhakal and Tikaram Adhikari are elected as the community’s President and Vice-President respectively. Likewise, Balkrishna Phuyel will serve the community in the capacity of the Secretary while Nirmal Guragai was elected to the position of Treasurer. Accordingly, Gopal Rai became the person to handle Public relation and communication and Leeladhar Ghimire for Cultural affairs.

The committee also allocated seven representatives as area coordinators, assistant secretaries for culture and administration, and three members to coordinate sports, language/education and literary activities.

According to newly elected President Buddha Mani Dhakal, the newly elected committee members took their oath of allegiance on Saturday owing to serve the community in the best interest.

Meanwhile, the program also marked the initiation of literary forum to publish literary creations of community members in a website designed by Tek Nath Dhakal. Mr. Khem Regmi took the initiation to take up literary activities.

Bhutanese Society of Kentucky, Inc has been working to oversee the welfare of community members resettled in the city since 2008.


  1. Buddha Sir
    Congratulation for being elected as a President of the community in the state. I hope you will have good contribution towards the community. I wish you all the best during your tenure.
    Pashupati Timsina

  2. Buddha sir,
    I would like to extend my hearty CONGRATULATION to you for being elected as the president of Bhutanese Community in KY.The people of KY are lucky to get a president like you. I do believe that you will be able to win their hearts.
    Congratulation to all other members and all the residents of KY ,who made precious contribution in forming the Bhutanese Community .
    I wish you all the best and happy new year 2011.
    Raghu Osti,
    Saint John,NB, Canada.

  3. Hi Buddha Maniji many congratulations to you and all the elected representatives of the Bhutanese Community in KY. I hope the community will usher new era and bring positive changes in the lives of the Bhutanese people.

    DB Adhikari
    Arizona, US

  4. thanks those who create this idea.may this organisation help the Bhutanese people who still live in refugee camp and Bhutan.i hope such a organisation later may target to fund for revolution in Bhutan which is beneficial to the Bhutanese people who live in camp for repartition and inside every in every where this types of community(organisation) is essential which help to unite Bhutanese once again to show the power or to uproot the government system in Bhutan(kingships) .

  5. First Contact Email

    My name is Jonathan Camacho and I am an intern with United Way of the Bluegrass. The refugee population in Central Kentucky includes Nepalese and Bhutan groups that United Way does not have as much information about regarding their experience in the community, assets, needs, barriers, and preferences. For this reason, there is the need for a volunteer that can help translating a survey into Nepalese language. Please let me know if you will be interesting in volunteering translating the survey or you know somebody that can do it.

    Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

    You can contact me at:
    [email protected].
    Phone 859.233.4461, ext. 300
    Cell phone: 817.271.9959