Bhutanese in Germany invite RKD


Dec 28: Following the latest verdict of an Indian court to allow Rongthong Kinley Dorji to travel anywhere freely, his party cadres and fellow-countrymen in Germany have invited him to Europe.

“We, the DNC members and supporters in Europe, are overwhelmed with the decision,” said Tshring Penjor from Germany,” We’ll make preparations for his visit to Europe.”

According to Penjore, they are working to facilitate Dorji to attend the 13th Human Rights Council meeting in March 2010, where Bhutan is making clarifications on the questions and recommendations tabled earlier this month.

The Bhutanese based in Germany have made such decision at the moment when Tandin Wangdi, a supporter of DNC, received political asylum from the German authority.

Talking to BNS over telephone, Germany-based Durga Giri expressed that Dorji played a crucial role in pressuring the concerned authority in granting asylum to Tandin.

“We must thank the Indian judicial system for providing justice to a Bhutanese freedom fighter,” Giri told BNS.


  1. In the 21st century, neither a State nor an autocrat can override the voice of the people because democracy rests on this. Verdict of Indian court to grant liberation for Bhutanese freedom fighter Mr. Rongthong Kinley Dorji to travel anywhere is a landmark in the struggle for human rights and democracy in Bhutan. Thanks to Mr. Durga Giri and European friends for their relentless dedication in our mission of returning home. If Mr. Dorji participates in forthcoming Human Rights Council’s meeting in March, I am sure that some good results will come up and he will be able to receive immense support from the world leaders, which will exert pressure on the Royal Government of Bhutan to repatriate its genuine citizens.