Bhutanese in Europe observe Dashain


Bhutanese people resettled in different countries of Europe have celebrated Dashain amidst different functions.

Participants of the Musical Chair Competition in Rogaland. Photo/Ramesh Gautam

It is reported that Bhutanese in Alta, Northern Norway, gathered in Sisa, a cultural centre for a Dashain program on 6 June.

Bhutanese in Rogaland, Western Norway, observed Dashain amidst a cultural program on October 8. Started with a welcome dance, the young Bhutanese artists entertained the gathered folk with more than a dozen dances.

Musical chair competition among the women and inter-kommune (municipality) quiz competition among the children added flavor to the program.

In the program organized by Rogaland Working Committee, a regional branch of Association of Bhutanese in Norway, a sangini (a typical Nepali folk dance performed by women) depicted a vivid image of the long journey undertaken by Bhutanese from Bhutan to Norway.

The program was organized in Haugesund, a central city in the region.

As per Sekhar Dhimal, a Bhutanese youth in Kragerø, Bhutanese in Telemark, a county in Eastern Norway, gathered in the apartment of Chhabi Acharya in Prosgrunn to mark Dashain. It is reported that a community teeka ceremony was organised in the region.

Attendees in the program in Rogaland. Photo/ Ramesh Gautam

Though it is reported that the programs are organized in other

regions too, the details are yet not obtained.

According to a report obtained from the UK, Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK organised a get together party on the October 8 to mark Dasai and Tihar festival of the year. Honourable civic Mayor of Tameside city Council, Manchester graced the programme as the guest of honour.

Amidst a ceremony, the festival was inaugurated by Madam Mayor Susan Quinn with the lighting of festival candle as a symbol of blessing to the Bhutanese community in the UK.

Other eminent personalities who spoke in the occasion included Gerard Devaney from the Refugee Action, Duncan Wells from RETAS Leeds, Irela Forrest from Bury city council.

Honourable civic Mayor with the Organising Committee. Photo / Shitaram Pokhrel

Prem Giri, Chaiperson of the Bhutanese Welfare Association expressed his deep gratitude to the guests and participants on behalf of the community.

KN Pokhrel, treasurer made a financial reporting of the Association. Traditional food was served and cultural programmes were hosted. Balan dance performed by the senior community members rocked the festival.

Dup Tshring Lepcha made a vote of thanks on behalf of the organising committee.

No any formal community program has been reported in Denmark and the Netherlands though the Bhutanese resettled in these countries are reported to have observed Dashain as per the cultural norms.

Bhutanese performing Durga Puja. Photo/KashiPokhrel

As per separate  information given by a Bhutanese Hindu devotee from Manchester, UK, Bhutanese Hindu community in the UK marked Vijaya Dasami performing religious rites that began from Ghatasthapana, the very first day of religious festival followed by the recitation of Saptasati (Worship of Durga, the Goddess of Strength) at the residence of Chandralal Bajgai in Manchester and Dharma Raj Thapa in Bolton by Pandit (Priest) Tara Nidhi Niroula .

The religious rites concluded on the ninth day of Durga Puja with the offerings to the last forms of Goddess Durga, the Siddidatri. Dasami, the tenth day of religious festival was marked with the blessings and receiving Tikas from Pandit Niroula.

“This has become a great lesson to the Hindu youths and kids towards preservation and promotion of Hindu culture and tradition,” he said over telephone.

With input from Durga Giri from Manchester, UK.


  1. From the above picture and information. I notice that second half of the information about Bhutanese celebrated Dashain In the UK was false information coz we can see the posted date in the picture it is 06/08/2011 00:17. This means these people celebrate Dashin in 06 of August 2011.Now i would like to ask that ”why they didn’t gave this news since two months?”And anothet question to Pandit” Does any Pandit preform Ghatasthapana in the month of August?”If so, i would like to invite mr Pandit next year in August to perform Ghatasthapana Pooja.I look forwaded to hear from Pandit.

    Mr Sandesh

  2. it is our great luck that acharya TN Niroula has been resettled in UK
    He is working tirelessly for all of us in preserving our culture

    Congratulations to Mr Giri and the team .This is a proof that hard work and sincere intentions will always find place in the society .

  3. Dear Sandesh or KN and Giri
    I know why u r writing this. Just to clarify that the camera wasn’t set with the right time and date – but i am glad that u 2 wrote this comment because you know u are all but alone and u are failing to co-ordinate the Bhutanese in Manchester. you are embarrassed because your party was unsuccessful even some of the people you hand picked didn’t attend the party. Threatning people,nominating yourself as the chairman and discriminating innocent individuals will not prove anything and such intentions don’t find place in the society. you are envious because guriji refused to listen to your bad motives and declined to participate with your bias ideas.
    UK bhutanese

  4. Dear Sandesh,
    you are wanting the clearence of the photo that had been posted on the computer. It’s just like the Spactical woned by blind. what is your eago with me? what mistake have i done to you? I was invited by somebody to performed the rituals celebration in nawaratra. I went and conducted the performance according to the hindu culture asuallas i did Hawan and on the 10th days of dashain. I put tika and Jamara to my dispicile. sandesh! do you know there is one saying in nepali “nanglo thatayara hatti tarchaunu…………”+ Was that photo taken by me? Was that news owed by me? you are merely me fallow man of this hindu socity. you are known by me well.there is no any work encasing your name and address is the ignorent doing in this World. bacchiu khayou aringal khayou yasta titae barula. Lastly i will be discussing this subject wich the bhutanese society who come vaya getway programme in the Uk.Taking this matter in the mass gathering involving you because you are deceiving your real name and you are cultivating the false by hiding identity and mocking me duely. by Tara Niroula (pandit)

  5. Dear Giri and KN ji
    Un trained driver leads to accident.Unless you have leadreship qualities you cannot lead the socity to meet its goal.Embed your selves with changes taking place around and seek the affluent influenc.So, you are going to go via the thougst meeting own verves.

  6. united we stand
    I think it is tme that both groups sit together and move the community ahead smoothly
    please stop writing comments in the names that are not known to the community
    we should express our opinion but in our own identity
    I know guruji did the puja and it was this year
    the dates in the photo is a technical error .somebody trying to attack him on the ground is foolish .I do welcome Yam Maidali’s comments

  7. Dear Sandesh,
    You can fool a person all the time, some people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
    I felt that Pandit Tara has only became a scape goat and you appeared as a wolves dressed in a sheep’s clothing because I was told by Pandit Tara that he has been fetched with the same comment verbally before he went through the comment posted by Sandesh. He also told me that he knows Sandesh very well and they should not have fooled the observers in the media in disguise. He (pandit) regrets that Sandesh’s comment has bred personal enmity instead. Though it is unlikely, Jajamans and the photographer (kashi and Dharma Raj Thapa)would have been blamed instead. Sandesh, I believe your comment do not speaks any volume because we can understand that the date on the film (photos) appear with the time set in the camera. It is a device and works according to the operator.But above article prove that you have personal ego with pandit. Remember, the article should not have been posted in the media if it is fake. If you wish, you can seek clarification from the kashi pokhrel ( If you can pin point such an unlikely mistake, why didn’t you write comment for Tihar being celebrated on 8th October 2011 on the same article which is due to be celebrated from 26 th to 28 October, 2011. We should always mind the Saying “Look before you leap”.Kashi Pokharel Bolton.

  8. I think it is not the time that both group sit together and move the community ahead
    smoothly.Please do not flow prakash,prem,khada and other foolish people.They are try to destroy Bhutanese who are in the UK.

  9. Prakash subedi has such great ideas..united we stand….but have you really put this in practice? One of the main reasons why the Bhutanese in UK is not united is because of your shortsightedness. Had you opened up to the Bhutanese in the beginning itself, the day of disunity would not have come. what I also know is the BNS will not publish this comment as they dance to the tunes of a few individuals.

  10. I’m very poor in Eglish where i put ,/./:/’ spelling etc. This above comment from prakash i support you but finish the toilet after see door. Prakash ji before 10/8/2010 you visit door to door and made our community in UK at that time all are agreed. After few days again you and your best foolish friend destroyed. What is the netter of writing this comment? Please be a positivist and so the other and it is not a meter of jok. Thanks from yadu.

  11. I do support sonam because he wrote right thing.Which was happen in the uk among the
    Bhutanese who leave greater manchester.Do u know mr prem giri?He nominating himself as a chairman and he also give threatning to taj bdr rai who live in aston.

  12. Dear Sandesh,
    I know you very well.Who are you? on 14th october 2011,which you wrote against me on that comments.I was asked question by you that is – Does any pandit perform ghatasthapana in the month of august? Iam giving you the answer of this question with the logic athentically with proof. According to the vikramiya timming of calender calculation there are two parts in one month.That is sukla paksya and krishna paksya.Leaving leap year there are 360 days in a year.Exactly 40 parts are in a year,so when 40 is multiplied by 9 equalls to 360. On the basic of astrological ethic,throughout the year nawaratras are observed. If you have money,time and clean aspect you could perform ghatasthapana and saptasati paath at any time. I’m explaning you,what is ghatasthapana explicitly. Ghatasthapana means : kalas,ghada,kumvha which is conducted by veda mantras and stapana means: putting in a puja place. Regarding this matter if you really want to know in details.You could come to me being open without covering your real identity and curious motive.It’s a free service to you.If you don’t belive me,you can asked to outstanding and lettered mythologist around the world.The forth statement of your comment which you written seemed fake because it dosen’t have grammertical sense. Do you know there is one saying in Nepali: “Aafna aangma bhaishe hideko nadekhnee lae arkakoo aangko jumra dekcha”. The last suggestion of mine is read before you begin to go forward and pen comments without being relentless.

  13. Dear readers and commentators,
    With increasing number of comments on this news article, it has been found that the same person has been shooting the comments with different fake identities with a motive of creating division in the community. We have, therefore, felt it necessary to act upon and subsequently we have closed comments on this topic. We apologize for the inconvenience created to other genuine commentators.

    Editorial Team
    Bhutan News Service.

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