Bhutanese in Australia donate for Queensland flood victims


The Bhutanese Community in Australia Inc. (BCA) in Melbourne collected AU$2006 to contribute to the flood victims in Queensland.

A meeting of the resettled Bhutanese on January 9 decided to collect donations immediately. Accordingly collection in Melbourne was coordinated by Dhan Siwakoti with Dhenu Acharya, Kamal Dhimal, Khina Dhimal and Kahgendra Acharya as members of the team.

The money has been forwarded to the flood victims donation fund through the ANZ bank on Thursday, BCA chairman Parsu Luitel said.

BCA is one of the first refugee communities to support the victims of natural calamities in Australia. It has already donated for Bushfire in Victoria and fire victims in Beldangi refugee camps in Nepal.

Similarly, according to Radha Krishna Guragai, General Secretary of BCA from Albury, Bhutanese in Albury contributed over AU$650 and preparing to send the donation shortly. As per the Durga Guragia, Executive Member of BCA from Wodonga, Bhutanese in Wodonga are planning to contribute through the Wodonga City Council. Some Bhutanese friends from Albury, Wodonga and Melbourne also have donated personally through online and telephone.

The flood donation in Albury was initiated and coordinated by Damber Rai, an active member of BCA.

Bhutanese in Adelaide are also collecting their donations and are expected to send by end next week. Many of them have already donated through several donation schemes individually. According to Sushil Niroula, they have collected around AU$500. Collection drive is underway and anyone willing to donate are welcome, says Niroula.

Read message by BCA regarding donations to the victims here.


  1. I am so happy to know about the donation that was given to the Qeensland flood victims by our bhutanese people in Australia.We bhutanese really have heart to feel for others.We take their sufferings as their own.We ourselves were in pathetic conditions for last 20 years still we kept on donating then to all who were helpless.We were, are and will be really generous to all those helpless and vicitims of different circumstances.We know what being homeless is! we know what missing family is! We know how circumstanses vicitmize people.Victims know the real pain of other victims.My salute to all the generous people.
    Raghu Osti

  2. Thank you very much to all the resettled Bhutanese in Australia for extending your helping hands to the flood victims in Brisbane.The overall condition of the overflooded city shown on Television(News)is horrifying,where the casualty of the calamity seems too heavy. I pray to the Almighty for peace to all deceased and expect appropriate support from the Australian government and every corners of the concerned(individuals or organizations) for rehabilitation of the displaced.

    Gurung Hem

  3. Bhutanese are always bold to donate something for the needy people This is the true nature of a bhutani citizen. Wel done friends in Australia. Help those needy people with your whole heart.