Bhutanese Ethnic School celebrates Buddha Jayanti in SA


The Bhutanese Ethnic School in collaboration with seniors from the community celebrated the 2557th Buddha Jayanti amidst various programs in Adelaide of South Australia, Saturday.

Buddha Jayanti celebration in South Australia
Buddha Jayanti celebration in South Australia

The organizers said the celebrations started with a Buddha mantra chanting and ritual performance, lightening of 108 candles by lama, Bhutanese seniors and guests followed by different cultural dances.

Dozens of Bhutanese artists entertained audience with dances, songs, drama, and poem recitation, among others, informed Kamal Dahal from Adelaide.

Narad Dahal, Puja Gurung and volunteers of the Ethnic School coordinated all cultural items staged during the three-hour-long program

Meanwhile, Bikash Dhamala presented a brief introduction of Lord Buddha, his teachings and, inspired everybody in the hall through well researched inspirational quotes.

Speaking at the program Ms Mary Ceravolo, a local government representative, thanked the organiser for conducting such a grand program and encouraged the Bhutanese to preserve and promote their cultural practices in future.

The Bhutanese Glowing Youth Club(BGYC) served audience with momo as a part of fund raising program of the school.

Prakash Dhamala, who heads the Ethnic School, has moderated the program attended by over 300 resettled Bhutanese.

Founded in April 17, 2012, the Bhutanese Ethnic School has been running Nepali classes on every Saturday. There are over 70 students below 18 years of age registered in the school as of now. The school is registered at Ethnic School Board of South Australia.

Video courtesy: BGYC


  1. Well done BES for introducing this. Celebrating Buddha Jayanti in part of preserving one of the core Bhutanese culture as we know many in us are Buddhist and majority of the Bhutanese population practice Buddhist faith. Kudos to all the friends in SA.

  2. Wishing for prevalence of Love and Peace by rejoicing before decorated idols and pictures is like wishing to see light with closed eyes. What a powerful imagination, desiring to see light with closed eyes!