Bhutanese Elderly Day Care in Louisville


Started on September 12, 2011 under the initiation of Hasta Khanal and Lila D Mishra with eight participants in the beginning, Bhutanese Elderly Day Care in Louisville, KY has evolved to a much larger organizational shape today, consisting of seventy Bhutanese elderly participants as of May 14, 2013. The center is managed by Access Adult Health Day Care Center in Dupont Road, Louisville, KY.

In addition to offering a leisurely time for elderly people to hang around with their cohorts, this center also offers ESL and Citizenship classes to the elderly people as preparation for their citizenship tests later on.

There are a lot of other fun activities and games designed for the participants as per their interests.

Every Friday, they also organize a small socializing cultural program, mostly singing bhajans and dancing in tune with some of the popular Nepali bhajans.

Doing so not only helps them stay sound physically in the old age but also offers a spiritual solace in a new home, thousands of miles away from their country of birth.

The participants remain in the center for six hours (10 am to 4 pm), taking classes in the morning hours while taking to socializing and doing some physical exercises, in the afternoon.

Five buses commute to different location of their settlement, pick them up in the morning and drop off to homes in the afternoon.

The center provides all the participants breakfast in the morning and lunch in the afternoon. In addition to a teacher, the center also has employed three other Bhutanese-Nepali facilitators to offer support to the group.

All the regular appointments and other management are taken care of by the center.

Pictures by Narad Bastola and Tika Lamshal