Bhutanese couple dies in a family tragedy in Norway


Local police authority has finally revealed the identity of the couple that died on early Saturday morning in Haugesund, a small town in Western Norway.

As early as 0305 CET on Saturday the police authority was informed about the tragedy, in which a man of 50 years and a woman of 40 years died, that it believed was a murder and a suicide.

Haugesund is a small town that lies about 450 km to the west of Norwegian capital city, Oslo.
Haugesund is a small town that lies about 450 km to the west of Norwegian capital city, Oslo.

During a press conference at Haugesund police station on Saturday morning, police chief Edgar Mannes told that they tried to resuscitate the woman at the scene, but her life could not be saved while the man was taken to a near by hospital for acute treatment where he died.

Two children, a girl of 15 years and a boy of 19 years, were in the apartment at the time the incident took place. The police said that it was one of the children who informed about the incident. The couple has also a third child who was not in the apartment that night.

“The boy has been interrogated as usual and the girl, who is a minor, has been interrogated through what is called facilitated interrogation Saturday morning”, Mannes informed.

Mannes said that the injuries the couple met were made with a sharp weapon that resembles a knife that was found in the bedroom of the couple.

The children are under the care of the Crisis Team and the Child Welfare Authority of Haugesund municipality.

Bhutanese Community of Rogaland called an emergency meeting on Saturday and discussed about the situation of the children, procedures for cremation and alike with the Police and the local Red Cross.

A member present in the meeting informed BNS that they have called off the pre-planned Dashain and Tihar celebrations so that they will be able to focus solely in supporting the bereaved family members.

The National Criminal Investigation Service, Kripos (Norwegian: Den nasjonale enhet for bekjempelse av organisert og annen alvorlig kriminalitet, previously Kriminalpolitisentralen, commonly known as Kripos) provided technical support to the local police and worked the whole day on Sunday.

They said that they were done with informing the couple’s nuclear family about the tragedy and wanted to reach out to the extended family too. Family members and the relatives of the deceased are known to be in Nepal, Australia and the USA.

Police investigations confirmed today that the husband inflicted his wife fatal injuries before he injured himself and died.

The Police Authority also revealed that the couple arrived Norway in 2009 as quota refugees from a refugee camp in Nepal and were Bhutanese citizens.

Haugesund is a small town that lies about 450 km to the west of Norwegian capital city, Oslo. There are 26 Bhutanese families who have made this region in western Norway their home after the first Bhutanese family was resettled here in January 2009.

[Editor’s note: To avoid the unnecessary attention and the impact on the children, BNS decided to withhold the names of the couple and other information related to them.]