Utah community bags recognition


The Refugee Sevices Office, Department of Workforce Services rewarded the Bhutanese Community of Utah (BCU) by  Community Excellence Award for the year 2010 in recognition of dedicated services and support for refugee capacity building in Utah during the Third Refugee Conference on Jan 28-29 in Salt Lake City.

Dulal participates in panel discussion

The conference 2011 was organised to give an opportunity for all the service providers involved in Utah to come to a place to discuss about the various aspects of the refugee resettlement in the state. Ghanashyam Dulal participated on the panel discussion on ‘ Refugee Community Progress and Continued Challenges’ on behalf of BCU and Jaga Adhikari shared his story of success in the USA along with the members from Myanmar, Iraqi, Sudanese, and Somali communities.

Three cultural entertainment programs were presented during the conference in which a group of Bhuanese children presented group dance to entertain the participants.

Several Bhutanese women were involved to exibit the handmade items like sweater, shocks, sacks, beads, bags and many other products at the conference center. It was a great opportunity where they sold their products and were also recognized about their skills by the community at large present at the conference.

The Sudanese Community in Utah, two individuals from the communities, volunteers, employers, and service providers were also recognized during the conference for the outstanding performance during the whole year as a community and as an individual for making the life of the resettled refugees easy in Utah.

The conference  focussed mainly on the refugees’ road of integration, helping refugee youth succeed in school, importance of English as Second Language, overcoming barriers to employment was participated by more than 20 refugee communities in the States .

Reported by Khem Kafley from Utah for BNS


  1. Congratulations to the entire team of the Bhutanese Community of Utah (BCU)for your outstanding services and support rendered for refugee capacity building in Utah. It is an inspiration to the rest of the Bhutanese communities formed across the USA. Keep it up !!
    Bhagirath Khatiwada
    Concord, NH.

  2. Congratulations! This is the way to organize a community. As a long time volunteer in Atlanta with the Bhutanese, it is a shame that our Bhutanese community cannot come together to truly represent all the population. It is embarrasing that we are in such disarray as we have the largest community in the US and a unified prescense would be great. To many personal animosities both locally and with the 2 national organizations. Please continue the good work.

  3. Small is beautiful. Very handy, less bulky & easily manageable. I think this is a right start and forward approach.
    On the other hand, some pungent folks at other cities as mentioned by some commentors has no esteem in the society to represent us as an integral function. They are like the pebble in the rice that need to be taken out before cooking. If we chew, then the stone will effect our dental crown, which is risky.
    So better keep such ones in the outer ring of the concentric figure that keeps on circumbulating in the outer orbit.