Bhutanese communities submit donations through UNICEF


Bhutanese Communities from various states in the US team up to help Earthquake victims in Nepal in single package, through the office of  U.S. Fund for UNICEF in New York, this Friday.

Five Bhutanese delegates from different states handed over 1.9 million Nepalese currency to Rachel Steinberg, Assistant Director, Civil Society Partnerships amid a function at 125 Maiden Lane, New York. Bhutanese Community of Greater Rochester, New York, Bhutanese Community Organization of Minnesota, Minnesota, Bhutanese Nepali Community of Columbus, Ohio, Bhutanese Community of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Bhutanese American Organization- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania united to help victims of the Earthquake unitedly.

Bhutanese delegates with Ms. Rachel Steinberg, Asst. Director, UNICEF, at New York.
Bhutanese delegates, with
Ms. Rachel Steinberg, Asst. Director, US Fund for UNICEF, at New York, Chandra Sitaula, Madap Sharma, Upendra Dahal,Parangkush Subedi and Sovit Sharma

Briefing the delegates, Rachel Steinberg applauded the initiative undertaken by the Bhutanese Communities to support the humanitarian aid. Steinberg explained that UNICEF has been working in Nepal for over half a century, works in over 190 countries around the world to save and protect children’s lives. Steinberg welcomed and appreciated the unity among the Bhutanese Communities in the US partnering together for such a great cause. Steinberg also provided an update on UNICEF’s response on the ground, including in the areas of health, water, sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, child protection and education. More information about UNICEF’s response can be found at

Steinberg also informed the representatives that they will be recognized on the U.S. Fund for UNICEF Civil Society Partnerships page. Also, Steinberg expressed her desire to visit some of the Bhutanese Communities including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to fostering long term community partnership with UNICEF.

One of the Bhutanese delegates, Madap Sharma, presented the overview, words and concerns of Bhutanese resettled in the US towards the victims in Nepal.

 ‘Though the donation we are making is small in amount, our hearts are big. We are with the people of Nepal- praying for the speedy recovery of those injured, and safe landing of those departed souls in the lap of God. We are indebted to all the kind hearted Nepalese people in Nepal for understanding and hosting us for more than two decades during our worst time. We commit to supporting Nepal in her rebuilding efforts’, Sharma said.

 In the same context, Sharma, further said, ‘We are proud to partner with such an esteemed UN agency for the noble cause. We hope, our relationship with U.S. Fund for UNICEF and the US Government will further strengthen with this partnership and that God will empower us with humility and sincerity to serve this great nation- the United States of America- that is now home to over 80,000 exiled citizens of Bhutan’.

The devastation due to two severe and violent earthquakes and more than 250 aftershocks have left thousands dead and millions homeless in Nepal. This calamity demanded people’s united effort around the world to support Nepal and Nepalese people. Resettled Bhutanese refugees in various states in the US and in other core countries are sending their support via different channels, the main  being the UNICEF.

Ashok Gurung, a longtime community volunteer of Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP) and a student at University of Pittsburgh,  coordinated the entire communications and outreach along with other community leaders, to reach the relief in single package. Satisfied with the work in unison, he remarked,’this is one of the good things we have that we, Bhutanese wherever we are, are always one and shall remain as one. This initiative has added another building brick in uniting us for the good cause’.