Bhutanese Christians demand cemetery


The Christian community in the country has been demanding secure cemeteries in every district. However, their demands have not changed the attitude of the Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley’s government towards the Christian community.

The Bhutanese quoted the Director General of Department of Culture, Dorjee Tshering, saying that Christians cannot have proper graveyards, as they are not registered legally as a religion even though they may be Bhutanese citizens.

The actual number of Christians in the country has not yet been counted officially.

The authority, which has allowed official registration of groups formed by Buddhist and Hindu communities only, has been standing firm against the Christians, added the report.

According to the paper, three years ago, an elderly woman, a Christian convert, was buried right in front of her house in Gelephu triggering a backlash from the community. Very soon a directive was issued saying that such burials should not happen.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Christian community have accused the government of being biased in not granting registration to their faith group.

The Religious Organization Commission Act of 2007 explicitly mentions that only Buddhism and Hinduism is registered or can be registered as official religions. It also clearly mentions that even if any other religion submits a draft or an original document it cannot be registered.


  1. People should unanimously “fight” aginst the discrimination being done against genuine citizens. Without political reforms, peole won’t have even basic rights in Bhutan. It is not only the problem of Christains community but of entire Bhutanes citizens. RGOB always ply the dirty game of “divide and rule”.There was time when citizens were divided on the basis of ethnicities. Now , the citizens are divided into Buddhists and Hindus(?) vs Christains. Is it the basic element of Gross National Happiness….??????

    The silent suffers of Bhutan are supporting this policy directly or indirectly. So, it is the time to speak out. Let world know what is really happening inside Bhutan. Otherwise, you desereve to suffer( sorry to say this, but it is the reality).

  2. Cruel Bhutan Govt.has voilated rights of citizens. It’ll be hard for RGOB to keep RGOB if incidents happen like this. Since RGOB Brought the policies like Green revolution, Black Cencious, and then eviction of own citizen. It seems like RGOB is going in the direction of extinction. It’s true -One day there will be people’s govt. Bhutan Govt. has to know no more people are/will be fulish. It’s time for them to be awared. Taking away the religious freedom is to take away/finish up their power slowly.

  3. “The authority, which has allowed official registration of groups formed by Buddhist and Hindu communities only, has been standing firm against the Christians,” added the report.

    The above statement is enough to cast light on the true situation of Bhutanese Christians. If the stated authority lacks “will” to direct the disposal of the dead bodies of the believers (Christians) in the country, then they keep us “alive” by such reluctance! We also call the dead as those who have “slept” that continues “till the Lord comes again”. As such, it is proper to keep them in our own premises sleeping, as in the mentioned case of the elderly woman in Gelephu until the government formally identifies areas for proper burial.

    Why should it trigger emotional reactions from the communities in our neighbourhood instead of showering their understandings about our dire situation? Just because we are peace loving people reluctant/forbidden from striking and raising loud protests against authorities seeking their attention should not be regarded as our fault. The people in authority are not “beasts” that know not but are fellow human beings that are willingly ignorant of the facts and refraining from “the rightful duty”. Why should we bother them for taking this willful choice against us?

    Regarding the issue of REGISTRATION, Christ is not subject to any authority and no power in heaven or on earth should seek to be AUTHORITY to subject Christ under it. In the case of the Christians however, we are fellow human beings like rest of the mankind and do not need separate identity other than following the precepts/ commandments of our God and Saviour Lord Jesus Christ. That means we want nothing in detail from the authorities beyond recognizing our presence/existence as Christian citizens. The rest comes complete in that package. What we need to do as Christians comes automatically as part in that package. Till then, we bury the “sleeping members” of our communities in our plots, before or behind our houses and request that nobody play emotional after failing to understand our like emotions…



  5. A major spike in the harassment and arrest of Bhutanese Christians in Bhutan is revealing just how nervous the Bhutanese Government is about the prodigious success of house churches and spread of this religion.
    Bhutan has been substantially more public in its oppression of Christianity than of Hinduism. Persecution has escalated to an unprecedented level some of which have even managed to reach the international medias despite being it handled with utmost care and secrecy. In effect, recognition of Christians in the laws of Bhutan has now become basically recognition of an ethnicity rather than faith. The government is concerned because more and more Bhutanese Buddists are converting to Christianity. The house church movement is booming, with converts estimated in big numbers.

    The government always used to deny that Bhutanese become Christians but now the church has become too strong to ignore. Religion is regarded as part of one’s national identity, If you turn away from your religion … it’s as if you have betrayed your country. Bhutan is a dear nation for the Bhutanese Christians too in as much as it is to the Drukpa Budhists. In the past the government would emphasize apostasy as the crime and now they have changed their tactics; now evangelism, witnessing, and changing religion have become a security crime!

    Not much to worry about, the government is losing credibility day by day. Before, the royals and clerics were promising that once Bhutan becomes a Drukpa state with Mahayana Buddhism as the only state religion, it would be utopia, it would be brotherhood, and everything would be fine with an assembly of flat-faced human beings. But since then, Bhutanese have seen nothing but division, conflicts, refugees, crimes and you name it.

    Slowly but surely, the Bhutanese public even who licked the boots basically learnt not to trust the government anymore. Their views might not have often found a platform for exposure on ground of meeting persecutions but they are trickling down to the patriotic JT and his coterie to even the kings even now though sadly, the only online media which had brought views to a healthy crescendo is closed down. I believe the closure too has a deep hatched agenda of the government. But be sure the sensible lot of the Bhutanese society do no more trust the Buddhist clergy anymore, because they have seen a lot of double standards and hypocrisy, scandals and corruptions. Bhutan is changing.

    Converts in smaller communities still risk persecution from their own families, but tolerance is growing in urban areas and among the younger generation. If anything, government persecution has made Christianity much more attractive. When government officials are on television, speaking in public or other media telling people not to read the other Scriptures, that generates more interest in the Scriptures.



  6. This does not need any long discussion. Not giving Christians who live in Bhutan a burial place that respects their religion is simply an act of depriving freedom of religion.
    Another jot on the ever growing list of Bhutanese violations of the International Human Rights as agreed by the United Nations of which this dictatorship is a full member.

    No freedom of religion, no free press, no freedom to travel, political prisoners, torture by army and police, exiling almost 20% of the population and throwing innocent people in jail for ridiculous reasons. Bhutan is simply not a free country and with this government there is little hope of becoming one. It is no democracy but an autocratic undemocratic kingdom.

    I’m afraid that freedom is a concept that this King and his government do not understand or respect.

  7. The most of the authors are speaking dollar.. an easy money in the name of religion.

    I support people christain by birth , but I oppose the people converted into christain from other religion at the middle of life.

    If these people failed to respect the God/religion worship by their forefather from time immorial and they born and grown up, how can we trust them.. ?

    Today they are selling their religion.. tomorrow they may sale our country and the people.

    The genuine christain never say bad about other religion..but Bhutanese christan do not hesitate to pass bad/negative comments against the other religions in order to encourage innocent people to join them.

    The more beliver, more dollar to help the community ..but only 25% is reaching to the poor innocent people and rest money is being enjoyed by group of people.

    There are many solid example in Bhutan..yesterday’s unemployed/failed businessman
    and a disgruntal Govt. servant has purchased land ,building and car within short period of time with out known source of income.

    In Bhutan every body has free to do the things they like ..but it should not harm
    our peaceful society.

    But Christain in Bhutan are busy for motivating the innocent people to join christain religion by offering financial and other help resulting to misunderstanding in the family/friend and the community.

    Today .. happy family has divided by religion……tomorrow the community and finally the country.?


  8. Bardewa needs to sweep the brain to enable healthy thinking.

    Your accusations against the Bhutanese Christians are void of facts on the ground which means they all are your personal presumptions. You really commit crime in acting FAR SIGHTED and predicting events before they happen, especially when you assign characters doing them. You will be then narrating the drama that you are going to play, deceiving or brutalizing some ignorant Christians you know to support your thesis.

    You could be talking about your own experience in the mention of DOLLARS the Christians are blamed to be receiving. Who is so generous to the sticky leeches of your type that openly hint to hold the share of 75%? The rest 25% making way to the poor and innocent may be your own minions that bend to your choice, to play the game for you. Bhutanese Christians may be in need as you mentioned that they are poor and innocent people but Christian morality does not permit to betray ones country and even God to squander in exchange of present comforts. As such, do not blame the Christians of conscience and morality for the game you and your minions play as revealed in your narration.

    Regarding born Christians that you professed to respect, the term is wrong! Nobody becomes Christian by natural birth. All children of the Christians have need to be born again, it’s not enough to be just “born” physically. I compare your saying with Buddha and Buddhists so that you are judged by one of them. In your saying, you meant that Buddha attaining enlightenment does not necessitate his followers to attain enlightenment. They all become Buddhists automatically. But engineers’ or doctors’ children do not automatically attain to the profession of the parents without learning the profession. So is the case with the Christians. We are not “born Christians” but we are “born again” and are Christians. As such, this applies as a necessity to all the human beings including you to be born again to become Christian.

    You are preaching the doctrine of Devil if you tell us that people become “Christians” by natural birth. It is not like Bahus’s children becoming bahuns, Chhetri’s children becoming chhetris and Kamis’ children becoming kamis automatically by birth. But it is the path of salvation to be learnt by doctrines and conviction of heart leading to regeneration and transformation of the corrupt self… I’m not interested to feed the swine with valuable meal lest it turn into delicious meat for Satan on some occasion and everything turn into waste!

  9. Bardewa is speaking Ngultrum not dollar, from his several post here at BNS anyone one could easily infer what he is intended for ?

    He probably is the grandson of JSW. If not, at least he hold the gene(DNA) of Cruel Wangchuck dynasty, so he does not know what freedom and basic human right means ? Coz his grandpa taught him only about raping women, killing innocents, torturing minorities, playing with others feelings, and humiliating others believes.

    Infact, he is still in JUNGLE being a tiger and hunting innocent animals!

    BLACK SNAKE (cobra)

  10. Bhutan must clean its jaws that bite human flesh.
    Bhutanese Kings and its government must repent for its sins.
    Bhutan must change its Satanic behavior.
    And Bhutan must open its door for the Kingdom of God.
    Then Bhutan will have Godly things.