Bhutanese Buddhists mark Losar in NC


Bhutanese Buddhists in North Carolina have observed Losar, one of their biggest festivals here in Charlotte amidst a special function on Sunday.

Bhutanese artist from Tennessee sings on the stage while a self-motivated girl joins him with a dance ‘off the stage’. Photo/TP Mishra.

According to Pradip Gurung, one of the organizing members of Sunday’s program, an American Buddhist monk conducted nearly two hours long prayers wishing well being, happiness and prosperity of all human beings.

Sunday’s celebration also included traditional and typical dances of Buddhists followers, songs, among other entertaining performances.

Bhutanese Buddhists from another city, Greensboro, also attended the function in Charlotte. Both Buddhists and non-Buddhists artists from Greensboro rocked the staged with their performances.

Young artists from Charlotte also performed typical Gurung dance titled ‘murahari murahari’.

Gurung further informed BNS that the program was organized with an aim of promoting and conserving Buddhists culture and traditional.

Besides cultural shows, Buddhists Community of Charlotte, organizer of the Sunday’s program, also served the participants of the program with typical Buddhists food including ‘khabje’.

The Buddhists Community also honored elderly Bhutanese citizens dwelling in Charlotte area with ‘khada’.

Charlottean Bhutanese Buddhists artists perform typical Nepali dance. Photo/TP Mishra.

Meanwhile, the Organization of Bhutanese Community in Charlotte (OBCC) offered young artists with ‘token of love’ as appreciations for their active involvement in the field in recent times including during the recently organized ‘Deusi-bhailo program in Charlotte’.

An estimated 400 Bhutanese including friends of Bhutanese in Charlotte attended Sunday’s program, which was organized at a hall in a Hindu Temple.

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  1. Lhosar which means New Year is celebrated to mark the beginning of New Year. Buddhist communities across the world celebrate Lhosar every year with various activities. The festival is celebrated by taking blessings from elders, exchanging good wishes with each other, organizing cultural programs, open lunch-dinner etc….
    Congratulations and hearty gratitude for the folks in North Carolina for your realization on faith, love to culture and preserving identity. Keep it up!
    Kumar Gurung


  2. Great Job done by bhutanese buddhist sociaty in NC I alwayas remember this sentence.The travellers will be approaching their destination by wise we should always procted and preserve our own culture. thanks well Tara Niroula United Kingdom.