Bhutan to hold democracy conference


Oct 11: A three-day international conference being held in Paro on ‘deepening and sustaining democracy in Asia’ will begin on Monday.

The conference will be inaugurated by the prime minister Jigmi Y Thinley and UNDP assistant administrator Ajay Chibber on Sunday evening.

Ministers and members of parliament from 12 Asian countries will participate in the conference. Representatives of the government, NGOs, CSOs, UN and other international organizations will also be taking part in the conference.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to democracy.

Seminars included are talks on the experiences and challenges of democratic practice in the participating countries.

“This conference will deepen democratic values, which is particular necessary when being a young democracy,” said centre for Bhutan studies president, Karma Ura on the conference’s significance. “The most important thing is the relevancy of the conference to all Bhutanese citizens, and I hope people will take interest in the broadcasts that will follow on television and radio even if they are not physically present there.”


  1. Democracy but for whom? Jigme Singye, Khesar Namgyel, Jigme Thinley, Sonam Tobgye,Khandu Wangchuck, Yeshey Zimba and a few privileged ones? Where is democracy for poor people of Shemgang, Tashigang, Gasa, Lhuntse, Mongar and other districts? Where is freedom for southern Bhutanese? Few are enjoying at the cost of others? Is it this democracy you are talking about and bragging so much? Your are addicted to getting easy money year after year from India and enjoy life. You have done nothing to make Bhutan a sovereign country, an economically independent nation cabable of standing on her own feet and reduce Indian dependence and win international recognition. You have done nothing to find jobs for unemployed youths whose number is increasing each year. True democracy means total independence, politically and economically, Gross National Happiness means every Bhutanese family is happy, every Bhutanese has a job, has some source of income and has the means to live a decent and honourable life.

  2. Yes,I agree with Mr.Ramesh,it is only a psuedo democracy and international communities seem to support Bhutan’s so called democracy.The word democracy has no meaning when nearly one third of its population are lingering in the camps with the hope of new life.I feel it is not wise to speak about democracy in terms of tyrant bhutanese regime.