Bhutan to build new hotels by the end of 2012


The tourism Council of Bhutan has invited the proposals from across the nation to built the high end hotels in different parts of the country. So far, the Council has received about five dozen proposals.

The council felt the need to establish high-end hotels especially in the eastern and southern parts of the country a year ago. So, it actually invited the proposals for the establishment of 3-star or above hotels on December of last year.

According to Tashi Tenzin, infrastructure development officer with the services division, an international hotel, tourism and leisure consultant is also hired for technical support to shortlist and select the proposals after visiting the sites.

The new project can be partnered with the foreign investors. However, Mr. Tashi Tenzin seemed unsure on the selected proposals getting foreign investor.

Thirty three out of fifty nine proposals came from the western region, fifteen from central region, six from the east and five from the south. Eleven from the west and four from the central are selected as feasible for investment.

Along with the establishment of new end-hotels, the interested owners of the existing ones have been told to upgrade those into above three stars and operate them by the end of 2012.


  1. Tourism will definately pin Bhutan in World’s map. It has a lot to offer—magnificent himalayas, beautiful ecosystem and great hospitality. It will also spur employment, entrepreneurship and generate essential human resources. In the same vein, researchers will have an opportunity to test the concept and implementation of Gross National Happiness.

    To boost Tourism, the Tourism council of Bhutan has to adopt even-handed policies and encourage local investments and incentivize businesses that are Tourism related. This will pave the way for healthy competition which will ensure both the quality of products and services provided. In retrospect, The $200/night/person package is extremely high and will adversly effect the turn out of visitors in Bhutan thus impacting the balance sheet of Hotels and other businesses.

    Among others, dual language proficiency of guides, handicraft production in small scale industries and tourism based on adventure and culture may be promoted.

    Bhutan is clearly motivated to diversify its economy from that of hydro electricity and dependence on foreign aids to that of self sustenance through tourism. It has emerged from self -confined isolation and is embracing human values. Values of equality and freedom. The values only obtainable if it makes amends to the grievances people might have against it. It will only be then that what it aspires to be: A country of its people.

  2. Greetings from the United States. I am a 60 yr old gentleman located in the Adirondack Mountains [quite smaller to your environment] which is the largest forest State forest preserve in New York State and largest State Park in the USA. Lake Placid, which is our Winter Olympics Headquarters is about an hour drive from my home. I appreciate the beauty and serenity of my local environment, which is quite rural but also close enough to drive to larger metro areas like New York City, Boston, Massachusetts [3 hours drive] and Montreal, Quebec Canada [2 hours drive]

    Recently, I was able to watch on Public Television Network the documentary about Bhutan and Bhutanese people. It was an inspiring documentation about your culture and the challenges you face with regard to Gross National Happiness. Understanding only alittle about Bhutan and it’s total history, I am facinated and happy to see a Nation that is rooted in a Religion and Culture that seeks harmony, peace and common ground among all it’s people.

    I pray that you continue as a Nation dedicated to the “Middle Path.” As you continue to open your door to the World, may remain steadfast and diligent to the Teachings of Buddha and your ability to weave His Teachings in your quest for a Democratic community.