Bhutan Telecom calls in Laya


Nov 21: The Bhutan Telecoms has started working on expansion of its mobile servies to the remote parts of Laya and Lingzhi by next year.

The telecom delegation after returning from 10-day tour to this district has prepared their B-Mobile Laya Project. This will benefit 300 households, the total population of the locality.

The company has received Nu 104 million from the Bhutan Infocomm and Media Authority (BICMA) under ICT development fund to enable B-Mobile network coverage in places like Laya, Lingzhi, Soe, Naro, Merak, Sakten and Lunana. However, the project will cost Nu 200 million, nearly double the amount of the funds received.

The company projects to start construction of necessary infrastructure by next summer when climate becomes milder. But the company is worried for ways to transport the construction materials tor towers.

As of now Laya has just one telephone to communicate with the rest of Bhutan. Despite having a telephone, a messenger has to walk for days to deliver any message.