Bhutan, Nepal most peaceful nations in SA


Bhutan and Nepal have taken the first and second spots as the most peaceful countries in South Asia, according to the latest Global Peace Index (GPI).

The study, conducted by the Australia and US-based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), has ranked Nepal in the 80th place after Bhutan among the 158 nations it took into account.

While India figures much behind, in the 142nd position, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been ranked 103rd, 91st and 149th among the countries respectively.

The GPI, released late on Tuesday, shows Bhutan tops in South Asia with the 19th position, while China has slid in the peace index, standing 89th, against the 80th position last year.

According to the report, deaths related to internal conflict, displaced people, weapons export, heavy weapons, armed service personnel, death from external conflict, weapon imports and jailed population have declined in Nepal.

It also claimed that the world was more peaceful in 2011 as powerful nations had austerity-driven defense cuts.

The Asia Pacific region is the fourth most peaceful region in the world as its overall GPI score improved remarkably last year.

The survey studied 23 indicators across 158 countries, ranging from measures of civil unrest and crime to military spending, involvement in armed conflict and relations with neighbors. Aside from the deterioration in the Middle East, every other region in the world showed at least some improvement.

In Asia, despite worries over a growing arms race and geopolitical rivalry between China and the United States, the overall defense spending appeared roughly flat and conflict slightly down.

Courtesy : The Kathmandu Post


  1. This is addressed to the organizations which has said Bhutan most peaceful in SA.

    I say it is against Human Rights Institutions and International Laws.
    I say it is bullshit.
    I say it is immoral.
    I say it is motivated.

    When I (a Bhutanese) cannot go to my own country how can you say so?
    Now, at this moment if I enter Bhutan surely, Bhutan Government will arrest me and put into prison. They do so without any crime and reason. Not only that they will torture me, they may kill me. Does this mean Bhutan peaceful? Not only me most of the Bhutanese in exile will meet the same fate.

    Let this message be conveyed to these organizations by anyone that they should not become tools of bad Bhutan Government. And you are unqualified institution to exam such matters.

    Thank you.

  2. The Global Peace Index is assessed based on the current situation, you dummy Giri. Peace in Bhutan has gone up since you Nepalese had left Bhutan to Nepal. Of course Bhutan will arrest you and jail you not only because you are not Bhutanese but also for the crime you committed and brought about chaos in Bhutan in 1990s. Bhutan has law that helps maintain peace and if you are seen as a potential threat to peace you will be dealt as per the law of the country.

    You probably are in late 50s by now. I exhort you make an exit to third country for your children’s future before those generous countries closes door for resettlement. Your damn shit will make no changes to how Bhutan is. The world knows that. And you better know, too.

  3. To Lotus Flower,
    First of all you are the most coward as you cover your face. You can be a criminal intending to kill my children as you hide your identity.
    Any government or anybody who kills innocent is criminal.
    Do you know Bhutan killed my wife. I cannot forget that.
    How do you feel if your wife and children are killed? Do you keep quite?
    I challenge every move of your bloody government in the international forum. I call them criminal.
    You are trying to ignite explosives in the minds of innocent human beings. Don’t do that.
    Let me see if any Bhutanese government officers can challenge me.
    Let me see if they have anything to say against my statements.

    If Bhutan Government has anything to comment I will face. And my statements is against Bhutan Government. Not you disguised wolves.


  4. I have seen many refugee leaders say these again and again. You can dream about landing on the moon but when the dawn come you will wake up to realize that you are still in the same bed. This had been the reality for last twenty years and this will be the reality for rest of your lives. Live and let live.

    And Mr. Giri, just be kind to yourself by telling the truth. Death is a natural phenomenon. And to blame Bhutan government for death of your wife who succumbed to natural end of life, is a miserable blame game. If anything, I would say that you cared more about Bhutan bashing mission than taking care of your wife.

    I am in no mood to go personal with you unless you stop addressing our royal families personally. Our monarchs are highly revered and we are ready to give our life for our royal family and the country.

  5. Lotus,

    1. If you want to contribute for Bhutan and Bhutanese then, it is not good to get camouflaged.

    2. I am not against the King or royal family members, I too respect them. I have served them sincerely, loyally and may be more closely than you. But, our king is responsible for his government or bureaucrats soiled Bhutan and brought terror to Bhutanese citizens.

    3.And regarding death of my wife, the officers (I know them) or the bureaucrats are responsible. My wife died due to torture. Death of my wife is not natural for this I have records if I am asked to prove. I was imprisoned, tortured and insulted without any crime and reason. And my wife was tortured while I was in the prison. It is inhuman and beyond tolerance of any man. God would not forgive such people He will punish them. You will see that.

    4. I am an army officer, I never tell lie and I know my limitations and responsibilities. I have always written appealing to our king to solve the problems and to have mercy upon innocent people. I never defame our kings as you said, but, their lack of response and adamant stand have damaged their image which you know for yourself.

    5. You said you are ready to die for king but, we, or all the genuine Bhutanese should die for Bhutan. It will be useless death if we die for some person or a family which cannot give justice and protect people.

    6. Similarly, wearing Gho – Bakhu/Kira and speaking Dzongkha will not qualify for Bhutanese citizens. And this is the problem in Bhutan and with the Bhutanese monarchy and its government. It should change. It brings sorest in Bhutanese soil.

    With our continued struggle and passage of time it is sure to come changes in Bhutan.