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Nepal to ask Bhutan to repatriate exiled citizens

Nepal to ask Bhutan to repatriate exiled citizens
Narayan Kaji Shrestha

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), Narayan Kaji Shrestha, has expressed that Bhutan must amicably resolve the longstanding refugee imbroglio by accepting those refugees who have declined to resettle in the west.

Narayan Kaji Shrestha

DPM Shrestha, who pledged to hold serious parleys with Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley on the sideline of the 67th UN General Assembly session underway in New York, reiterated Nepal’s desire to convince Bhutan to accept its exiled citizens back home.

Prior to his departure to New York Saturday, DPM Shrestha told mediapersons in Kathmandu that he would make a request with Bhutan to help amicably resolve the issue of the Bhutanese refugees.

“I will make a request with Bhutan to help amicably resolve the issue of Bhutanese refugees,” Shrestha told Republica, an English daily published from the Nepalese capital.

DPM Shrestha mentioned that around 14,000 refugees have declined third-country resettlements, demanding that they be repatriated to Bhutan with dignity.

“The bilateral relation that has a huge prospect is now at a standstill situation due to longstanding refugee problem. This needs to be resolved amicably,” he said.

Bhutan is scheduled to make official request to Nepal to support its bid for non-permanent member of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) during the meeting.

Nepal is likely to positively respond to Bhutan’s request if Bhutanese side agrees to help resolve the protracted refugee problem that has remained the only irritating factor between the relation of the two countries, sources said.


  1. he is crazy to say that we Bhutanese should take there ppl…..they are Nepalese n we wont take them…they are ur ppl so take responsibility and take back what is your…there is no rule in this entire planet that says Nepalese can go every were they want…we wont take them they are your (NEPAL) ppl…so don’t knock on door which will never open..and if they don’t want to settle in third countries let them be in the refugee cage in Nepal……the question i ask is simple if u are against me ..Y in the hell did the Nepal government gave them shelter in the first place,,,is it logical??/ask your self will ur government take an other country ppl to settle in your land… Nepal did it as they were their ppl…..so fuck off if u want to come to Bhutan when u r Nepal ppl…

  2. what a low grade words and the post by NAGATO above.
    This shows the the level of understanding of the problem and the type of education being imparted to children in bhutan.
    I was of the opinion that refugees are the ones who would be rude, impolite and writing slangs. But i was wrong here.

    Haaa….haa…how are these people Nepalese when they have the same document which you have to prove as a bhutanese citizen? You would say ‘fake’ ,,,but how easy or possible for hundred thousand people to make fake cards?
    Shelter? Ask why tibetans are given shelter and even protection by Indian government, YOU FOOL?

  3. I know still some people here feel shamed to accepted the cruelty and stupidity of Jigme Singye Wangchuck and the conspiracy he designed to kicked those educated and hardworking people out from this country to keep his power and position alive. A wrong move of him- ethnic cleansing.

    But, fact to be told and the erosion that could be create by our unhappy and unfairly treated Bhutanese in Western World should be measured. Inaddition, the future impact and long lasting effects to our country caused by ongoing refugee situation should be measured wisely.

    Yes, they are our people, who still proudly expressed themselves as Bhutanese, they should be bring back with respect and dignity. But, here are still some crooks who feel shamed to accepted their mistake during their governance and feel shy to respect our fellow Bhutanese.

    As a saying goes, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    Hope our government would make a wise and matured decision.

  4. Tony Brown,
    By “ethnic cleansing” perhaps Mr. Karma Dorji wanted to convey there was/is an effort to get rid of certain type of consciousness totally by wiping it out of the territory under occupation of certain principality.
    Which in your view is more offensive/dangerous, that statement or the action described by the statement?