Bhutan ignores Nepal’s request to sit for ‘decisive’ bilateral talk


The Nepalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has said Bhutan has not responded to Nepal’s request to fix the date and venue for bilateral talk.

The Himalayan Times (THT) quoted a reliable source at the MoFA as saying that Bhutan has not yet replied the ministry’s letters, dispatched twice this month.

“The dialogue could not happen this year due to Bhutan’s lack of interest,” said the Ministry’s official, “We requested twice, but there was no response.”

In November, Prime Ministers of both the countries had agreed to sit for a decisive talk within December this year.

Meanwhile, the report also said that the Foreign Ministry of Bhutan has failed to comment on the delay of the talk.

“A THT email requesting the Bhutanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give their version on the delay in dialogue on refugees failed to elicit any response.”


  1. Bhutan has 20 times better IQ then Nepalese ministers in dealing with refugees. Nepal should provide TD to all bhutanese refugees for third country settlement. bhutanese refugees have no future in nepal. refugees are thankfull to govt of nepal for providing shelter and security for the refugees , that is a great humanitarian work done by the govt. of nepal.

  2. The innocence of the aforementioned “reliable source” demonstrates Nepal’s diplomatic status. Pitty!! – walking the lanes traversed by dozens of his/her predissors over last 20 years. The “reliable source”, sources rather, need/s self-reflection of Bhutan’s doctrine of GNH and Nepal’s subdued innocence and vested interests. Hope the day will come, the reliable sources and repatriation experts, go for eternal meditation or their propaganda dies down, and Bhutanese in camp with out extrnal influence can make a fair and independent choice to opt for better resettled life. It is divine’s jurisdiction to wait and make a choice.

    Lots of strengths to those still in camps.
    Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal

  3. the goverement of of nepal just ahve to streate very hardly and used most logic to fail the depelotamic of bhutan ,but teht talk between two country cannot solve the refugee solution because if bhutan goverement want to solve the problem then more then50000 people are not in western country ,also we the bhutanese people can have some hope that if the problem can solve and we all bhutanese can get chance to retrun back to bhutan with diginity and respect.

  4. Clearly stated the views Mr hari but sad Dr. laxmi used so like words which is beyond our fellow readers to digest the comments.Please be kind for all readers Dr. Laxmi.
    bhutan plays double standard role according to the situation.
    Be alert.

  5. Authors have rightly pointed the facts in side Nepali politic. Let the Nepal Govt.settle doen their own problems.

    They failed to look after the welfare of their own peoples who actively took part against the KING’s Govt. and gave their lives fighting against the Nepal security forces for more than ten years.

    The victims of civil war who lost husband/wife/sons and daughters are still failed to get proper help from Nepal Govt.

    Nepal’s case is a good lesson for our people who are involved in terrorist acts of violent and killings innocent people.After all poor people are suffering,”poor becoming poorer day by day and rich becoming richer every minutes”

  6. it is not a new matter.we all know this game before 20 years.this is not actually big issues.this show that it is the failure of Nepalese politicians leader.those who are not able to handle his or her own problem how we Bhutanese aspect from those people will help or solve other problems

  7. At this moment it will be interesting to watch the political transition in Burma. Burdened with the cult of anarchy and the regret on housing Chinese governance ethics, the country now realizes the strength in unifying the multi-cultural ethnic groups.
    The delay in the Bhutanese counterpart could seem an “IQ” generated approach( as one of the comments), but it more looks like a state of helplessness on the country’s understanding on bilateral relation with Big Brother. Mr Big’s North-East’s chaos has left Bhutan shattered on repatriating the refugees and eagerly waits the situation there to subside before it replies the mails from GoN. And Nepal knows this better..

  8. Hey Mr Dorzi, Dr laxmi is right ok!We need more people like Dr Laxmi, not like Mr piggy Dorzi! Dorzi you need to improve your English before you comment ok. “Don’t say double STANDARD role” but correct word/phrase is “double STRANDED role” ok!I wanted to teach you some politics but ur English is too thick! Pitty you piggy Dorzi!

  9. The ill-minded government of so called ‘Democratic Bhutan’ had never wanted to resolve the Bhutanese refugee crisis in the past, is not intending to resolve it now and will not plan to move ahead with decisiveness in future. This is the final truth. If we go back to 1990’s and remember those days of intimidation, fire, rape and torture, we come to conclude that the then king should be brought in front of fair trail in the international court of justice. Otherwise, again hundreds of thousands of ‘IN-BHUTAN’ Southern people will again flee to in search of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The policy of One Nation one People has been modified as Gross National Happiness since mid 2000’s. Here, the policies and propaganda of GNH has bounded only Wangchuck dynasty and it’s kith and kin.

    On the other hand, political instability of Nepalese government has been acted as an Opaque to Bhutanese refugee issue. The government is not willing to emphasis the issue to international level because of immediate giant- the so called the biggest democratic country of the world. The GON of Nepal is unable to endure harsh pressure (on different perspective- may ranges from gas to oil)from its door neighborhood.

    The involvement of Indian Government in Bhutanese refugee crisis seems so futile as Indian minister of foreign affair Pranev Mukarji has once told about ‘Demographic imbalance’ if the people in the Eastern camps of Nepal are repatriated to Bhutan. From this statement, it is crystal clear that the key of Bhutan to open door for Bhutanese refugee to homeland is in New Delhi. Further more, India fears about review of treaty on water resources, the lost land of Bhutan (the 18 duars) and the chance of greater Nepal.

    This is all now, rest in days to come.


  10. It is our fight for unknown time as Indian politics have no interest of early democracy in Bhutan that is why resettlement is the best remedy at this moment so that individual abstacle can be solved to Keep the Silence Bridge to our Moment. Better to opt for resettlement then……… may be other side of the Coin is suitable to bring up our Generation.

  11. Are our brains normal? Why cant we understand any logic behind any government trends of their dealings? Since the last round of talks between Bhutan and Nepal, Nepal has shown its courtesy to fulfill the moral responsibility before the refugee community by such acts as inviting the Bhutanese counterpart for talks, raising the issue occasionally on SAARC meets etc. However it is doing not taking a firm stand. Apart from that, we ourselves have not done anything.
    No movement has gained any momentum without some sacrifice. A consolidated affort can easily make Bhutan yield justice to the genuine people of Bhutan.
    All political outfits should use the most available resources of all kinds to bring the culprits to justice.
    Jaya Hos Jaya Bhutan