Bhutan gets relief from Swine flu cases


The public health laboratory in Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan  has brought a firm smile in the faces of the Bhutanese when the former reported a gradual decrease in the number of people who have been coming there to get tested for H1N1.

The number has been decreased from 40 cases a day when the outbreak was first reported in May last year to 15 at present. When the total of 2,299 samples have been collected in the laboratory since May last year, 269 tested positive. Interestingly, the country has not seen any death due to the flu. However, the health officials in Bhutan argue that the vaccine for H1N1 was introduced in the country as a preventive measure, especially for those with weak immune system.

Bhutan received 65,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine for free from the WHO in May. The health ministry report states that  there are 2,541 diabetic people, 6,070 with heart disease, 685 with cancer, 166 HIV positive, 4,000 health workers and 28,000 children, who are below two years. The remaining, 9,538 vaccines will be distributed to those living with chronic respiratory conditions.