Bhutan gets no rank in HDI


Citing lack of significant data and authenticity on some of the statistics submitted by the government, the United Nations Development Program excluded Bhutan from Human Development Index (HDI) ranking.

As per the UN’s clarifications, several indicators including life expectancy at birth, expected years of schooling, mean years of schooling and gross national income per capita were found missing or unreliable for Bhutan to get a rank in the HDI report, released on November 7.

Along with Bhutan, Cuba, Iraq and 13 other countries were also excluded from the HDI report, since data was missing for one or more of the indicators.

Bhutan was ranked 132nd among 182 countries last year. It had ranked 133rd in 2006, 134th in 2005, and 136th in 2004.


  1. It is a shame for a government of Bhutan who claims GNH as their wheel of development and their tyre has punctured somewhere when they are not rated for HDI. What is the funda of GNH when it fails to qualify for HDI alone? As per their proclamation GNH is the holistic approach for complete wellness when it cannot gauge the supporting parameters. It prepared such a huge and cumbersome questionnaire of complete life history for measuring the intangible abstracts which is claimed by fanatic uneducated scholar. And interestingly this has become the country’s philosophy and vision. Pity for the government and not the nation!
    I’m not happy at all with the elimination news. There are always some transparent holes in the data that Bhutan produces that needs close observation and suspicion. Take the example of population that has been recorded when Bhutan joined UNO member. If that figure is true than the king of Bhutan has made the ‘disappearance’ of those populations that needs clarification.
    The complete generation of Lhotshampas is ruined through preplanned and vestal interest. Whole generation is made illiterate and their calculated and adjusted data needs review. They reproduce to fit their claim. It is understandable.
    For the refugee population which they have evicted, the government of Bhutan has kept the official record well documented and preserved even taking the pictures of all population from birth till death. But for disguise they need proof. What a joke and why is the other world not understanding their trick? Slowly and eventually UNDP trap them.