Bhutan fails to get elected at UNSC


Bhutan failed to secure enough votes to get elected as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Thursday.

Of the 193 votes cast, Bhutan secured just 20 votes, reported the online edition of the Inner City Press.

As per the UN rules, a member country should secure at least 128 votes to be elected as a non-permanent member of the UNSC.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader Tshering Tobgay has criticized the Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley’s government of “ill conceiving and misguiding” the probable voters, and questioned the government’s current strategy on foreign policies.

Terming the governments international priorities ‘irresponsible at best’ he said, “We also feel compelled to voice our deep concern over the overall direction of Bhutan’s foreign policy under the current government.”


  1. JYT is crazy. he should concentrate more on building basic infrastructure inside the country and make arrangements for basic necessities of life like cooking gas, food, shelter, jobs, safe drinking water, medicines and school supplies rather than spending milions on this crazy idea of UNSC membership and preaching GNH. Be realistice man!

  2. Shame on you JYT.. Your mission of FAKE GNH will meet the same fate in near future…. At least do something inside the country rather than spending millions of dollars in preaching nonsense Ideas of GNH !!!!! What did you get after all ?????rather than enjoying foreign whiskey and travelling around on the money that’s being given by some donor country in the name of poor citizen !!!!

  3. You are right Kishmat. It is 100% that poor Bhutan is going to face the same consequences for GNH within few years. This JYT is the main planner and core person to eradicate ethnic Bhutanese Nepali population. How long he is going to cheat the international community by lobbying. He is truly racist-person. He doesn’t talk seriously for others like Sarchops and Nepali populations. “Culprit Mr. JYT – don’t bark for happiness because happiness doesn’t come from cheating, lobbying, and begging. Make your heart pure and work for the greater cause of the general population of BHUTAN.

  4. Day or other the falsification of false scenario will definitely result out.The fake “Gross National Happiness ” propaganda had resulted a poor Candidacy in UNSC . The true and rationalized people will definitely make a common sense to look upon the issue. N. “Stop issuing such a vague statement to gain the popularities in this world”

  5. whatever it is about the securing seat for UNSC the radical group of people from the refugee camps should stop kidnapping innocent people from southern Bhutan.They are gentle n innocent human beings just struggling to survive in this world.
    This very sad to see these innocent people are victimised with no fault of them.
    What harm have they done to suffer at the hands of such inhuman behaviored people from the camps or somewhere…I am frustrated to see this happenings…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  7. I think the 1990s southern problems were most unfortunate one which made many innocent people suffer but at the same time I clearly remember how those mobs terrorised people shouting the slogans like:
    1.Om Pradhan Murdha Bhat
    2.Dago tshering Murdha Bhat
    3.Teknath Rizal Jindha Bhat
    4.Bakhu Kira Law-dhai na
    5.Botey Basa Boldhai na
    In reality many southern people from the communites of Chettris,bahuns/sharmas were supporting that unconcerted movement without knowing the history of this country and the leadership.Therefore I should say it was a very sorry blunder of those people who tried to dream the undreamable things by making only to suffer so many innocent southern Bhutanese.It is the fact that how Nepal is faring well politically on the map of this ever changing Globe.

    Thank you for reading and I hope some sensible people will surely undrstand what I meant in these few words…..

  8. Mr Universal,
    my thinking regarding terrorist is different.Bhutan government has terrorised atleast 45% of southern bhutanese and 30% of eastern Bhutanese.more than 120,000 Bhutanese are terrorised and ethnic cleasing has been who is a terrorist.?so answer is clear. you should know that.

  9. Mr.Tulsi,
    It was the shear faults of southern Bhutanese,especially chettris and bahuns/sharmas who always thought they were the higher and purest races with their idiology ol sharmaism when the world was marching towards modernization and the unity of humanity globalization.
    Forget about the kamis,Dhomais and Sarkis even Monggar,Gurungs,tamangs,Rais and sherpas were treated as the low caste people in the southern Bhutan by the Sharmas n chettris and that kind of Orrthodox Casteism greatly divided the people in the southern Bhutan.
    In fact after the mass movement of 1990 many Sharmas and Chettris played the government catalyst and put many other castes Nepalese in terrible situation,like sonam tobgay sharma and NB chettri who runs Benez Hotel these days.And I heard many such stories from the southern part of people where they caused by themselves such a situation there wasnt any alternative for the govermment but to act as per the law of the land.
    You guys are just a chicken just blaming such a benevolent goverment and if you wanna face the truth why you delete my previous articles.This is for your informations any way….

  10. I think Mr. Universal needs to go for therapy. To be frank, you need to control your emotions. This is 21st century, and you’re still blaming the things that were out dated. I think problems will start always because of narrow thinking of people like you!!! Blaming others will not solve the problem; it will create problems after problems. Know how to correct yourself and others. If you want respect, learn to respect others first. Don’t be bias always!

  11. Dear universal,Are you serious? What means benevolent government? Do you know what is called freedom of religion, freedom of culture, freedom of speech? What do you know about human right? Just for you to remember- Bhutan is the last nation to broadcast TV by late 90s, and it is all because to make the people and country isolated.

    See my friends, you are accusing other with out understanding the global political and economical fluctuation.

    Your understanding about the people’s power and a people’s government is zero. Do you know, we are still practicing the tradition of kingship.

    How a son of king become king(for you a leader of people)? Do you think your king’s DNS have some thing to pass on to his generations to be the leader of people/nation?

    We sharshopas have our own culture and religious believes so does those southerners, but your so called king(who believes in generational power) in the name of maintaining one nation one people forbidden all other’s rights and freedom. What is enforced, was his own believes, values, practice, religion, language, dress code, and policies to other.

    So be proud of your uncle, but don’t think we all are happy with your uncle’s policies and politics. The monarch(generational power) which has been becoming history in most of the nations, today also you are celebrating it. Be proud for your self.

  12. Mr Universal denies the fundamental freedoms of culture, clothes and religion with his argument that there was caste system amongst southern Bhutanese.

    Some form of class also exists in the Northern, Eastern and other Drukpa societies.

    Caste system is endemic in India — the friend that you got perhaps the only certain vote.

    The world has spoken- you need more than happiness— you need innovative ideas, power and scientific tradition further than spirituality to develop a country and see it being respected. The west did not simply buy time by sitting at the west. Earlier on it ruthlessly conquered the world and their money controls everything up to this day.

    What made you think you would win?

    And coming back to the issue of class, what makes you think there is unity between inter-classes in a society either outside Bhutan or inside? Is it based on subjugation or fear?

    Society based on religion and labor- Drukpas. Society based on religion and labor- Southern Bhutanese. Bitter but true.

    If a Drukpa sweeper has to be a drukpa sweeper for the rest of his life in Bhutan just to survive- what makes you think that one being a sweeper is justified? Low status means low? Is Bhutan a country of equality? I am starting to doubt a little 🙂 I have heard enough of rhetoric for a long time now including Bhutan.

    Keep it to yourself.

    So do we really need a lecture on caste system here?

    Yes we must admit there was caste system in southern Bhutan, but not as bad as you described- and things were changing inside southern Bhutan.

    In fact caste system aggravation began when people entered the refugee camps in Nepal. There it was unregulated, and uninfluenced by economic activity. Boredom led to further preservation of Hindu orthodoxy and perhaps the situation became hopeless.

    Nepal a purely Hindu country was just too fertile a ground for Hindu fanatics and many things work there- which would probably not work in Bhutan- things were just too favorable for pro-caste individuals. This is an undisputed fact.

    So my friend don’t give us the class argument to justify your king’s instigation, incitement, aggravation and perpetration of crimes against a country’s own people.

    We were ONE irrespective of our skin, face, dress, religion, political ideas—- but the king did not want freedom in his country. He wanted to rule. Where a person wants to rule absolutely there cannot be freedom.

    The king selectively abandoned us because he was losing traditional authority. To start with the majority of us were not Buddhists.

    Read some history my friend and not be told by a propagandist media what was right. If that history is not available sniff it up.

    The King made the iron hot himself. And when it was hot- he struck it into pieces forever dividing Bhutan into ethnicities rather than consolidating a nation towards technological and scientific development.

    And there you go- you have proof right in front of you from the world. The results to this UN seat contest shows that a fake democracy based on GNH is untenable.

    Don’t fool yourself with words like “yes despite being a developing country we tried”. Don’t fool yourself with fake sympathy with 20. We don’t have any for anyway. But you might have for yourself- but I do suggest to control your tears.

    Bright ideas:

    I see a bright future for Drukpa youths because of the laws that are being voraciously being encrypted and drenched into the system. I like the seriousness with which laws are being written, except for the land act- you land eaters, everything is highly commendable.

    Think not- not again- GNH, JYT, inequality, propaganda, the lies, the fake democracy will not, I say will not- by the very principles of the Lord Buddha ….suffice.

    Does not Buddha teach to be harmonious with your environment- does that mean crossing your legs and just talking? No. It means thinking holistically with both economic activity and harmonious bonds between the people and the environment.

    Better try the seat with better development. And for god’s sake check your hydro-dams whether environmental harm is not being hidden.

    I have not seen any media discussion about whether there has been environmental compliance.
    Well we can’t really expect anything more than an announcement that a dam is being built.

    Lord Buddha help your children from their parents!

  13. Mr.Namgay N Sonam,
    You guys seem do not know anything what happened in Sothern Bhutan.Nepalese terrorised Nepalese and Nepalese killed Nepalese from exactly 1989 t0 1993 within these five years so many innocent people were sent to hell by kidnapping,beating and murdering by the radical group like BPP for the sake of trying to gain the political ground in the a land were peace n prosperity were flourishing with the movement of time.
    Yes I still have those nightmares n am still a post traumatic person who through those blind actions by the dirty political minded people from the southern Bhutan.
    Thanks to the government who so cooly delt them n brought peace again and now again the life started with the paces of normalcy.
    You know what freedom actually mean?It is not terrorization and neither is anarchy,nor it is free whatever you would like to do.With freedom you have many responsibility at your home,in your society with your community.
    The kind of movement in 1990 was a shear terrorization with the slogan like:
    Dil bahadhur aunai-parchha/ aayeyna-baney/tauko-chai-chha.==Dil bahadhur must come,if not you will be beheaded!!
    What would you call this kind of intimidation for calling innocent people to join the movement who were unwilling!?
    Is it fight for freedom?
    Who needs to for psychiatric treatment?Ponder it dears!
    I still feel sad those people who were sandwitched in those situation losing their lives at the hands of many BPP action groups.
    Thanks for those countries who sympathise for many refugees but I get scared if again these group of people starts the same thing for the sake of their nepalese chauviinism!!
    Good luck its everybodies’ faults if we start pointing to each other.No sounds can be created by clapping with one hand.
    Sorry for my cheap translation but i was just trying to pass the message.

  14. PS:
    I feel pity for many southern Bhutanese but it was not the faults of our king!His main aim was to consolidate Bhutanese people under one Idiological umbrella because I clearly remember when he used to visit schools he always used to talk about the vulnerability of our situation as a tiny nation and how important it is for all Bhutanese to be binding in one Culturally n Educationally.It is mainly for the survival of the nation and the idea were talked,discussed with the people of all kinds of level right from school children to village old people with frankness.He also had many discussion with the southern councilors who were mainly chettris and Bahuns/sharmas.They were the ones who in turn need to counsel with the in their locality but did they do their job in consistancy?I dont know much,coz those days Sharmas n Chettris used to divide people with their caste egos.
    I had many instances…teo man chhay pani chal ney ho?
    Means:Can we drink water from this man?This kind of behaviors from the village head to people representatives at the government level divided people in southern Bhutan!
    And later on Radically influenced youths who were mindless of their own future and future of other innocent people launched a fearful action under the aegis of BPP and startiing tying up people n beating,looting,killing.Some of them were so gruesome that even the hell has no fury.So naturally government had to clamp them down!
    To tell the world frankly I know how Bhutan was before 1907! and I know how Bhutan is now and how it is going through…it is something bound to happen as it happening in every part of the world where there are many self-centered leaders.But in case of Wangchuks dynasty they were and are the most benevolent kings who had been working seflessly for betterment , peace prosperity of the nation n its people the history ever created as the world knows they were the last absolute monarchs of this planet.But sadly but intellictually they had abdicate from their altruistic power only because of a fraction of people from souther Bhutan who never understood their own father’s magnanimity.
    It is really sad indeed!

  15. Mr Universal,

    Slogans by southern bhutanese who were simply divided as to who would lead a reaction against the King could have been a side event or an associated event in the whole episode of eviction.

    You are talking about a divided and illiterate mass who was always unsure of what would happen.

    This sort of mass was reacting against an, educated, politically sound, oppressive and shrewd king. It can take sometimes a few years or decades to organise and work together.

    A concerted and educated effort in response to an oppressive regime takes years to materialise.

    By playing up actions of the BPP or internal strife between southern bhutanese groups you didn’t give an explanation for the torture and killings in southern bhutan by the Royal Bhutan Army?

  16. Hahaha Mr.Avi,
    You know the weight of golden crown?Do you? You have not a remotest sense of the responsibility of your life,forget the rest.Where n when do you see a better society and a nation with such radical ideas and actions?Which country has gain the goodwill going war to another country?Where in the world do you see peace n happiness with factional divisions?
    well you ahve no response.Do you? I will tell you what,we cannot compare Bhutan with other countries having and accommodating countless political idologies becoz it is a unique nation with every aspects,ie religiouosely,politically,demographically,geographically and educationally.You know before you start doing something you will have to know the full demensions and the parameters of that object and do the full study whether you need to refine it,reconstruct it to give it a new shape!But what happened in S bhutan is something they started dismentling it.I mean the radical groups.
    The king was trying to reconstruct it to give a better shape in its own unique ways with his full and sure vision in this world of political uncertainty.I mean he did try to streamline all bhutanese from all corners of the country,hoping that one day all his dear subjects would live in harmoney,happy wealthy and contributive but a few people from southern Bhutan misconstrued his precious idea.This he did with free education,free health,land distribution to all southern Bhutanese.For this he asked all Bhutanese to be a true Bhutanese by not looking other parts of the world,especially political changes by wich the world was becoming a place of dishamoney.That idea wasnt comprehanded by a fraction of castes n creed favoured lots in southern Bhutan.
    Therefore noble human being,s vision became for some of the politically motivated radical people in the south and were bolstered by a small criminal groups from eastern n south-eastern Bhutan.It did try to damage the image of the royal house and the governing system of this small nation but we are sure they cannot distroy it becoz world came to know so much of its goodness.
    By virtue of a human beings born in this world we all have to see things from different angles.See if you are in USA you have to follow American way of life,in China,in africa the same…you will have to be one of them if you want to fit in their society and political streamline.That was the problems with the Sharmaism in Southern Bhutah.You know when you are in Rome,act like Romans!That did that happened here and it brought misery n suffering to too many southern Bhutanese of Bhutanese sentiment.
    What happened in Nepal,they brought down their own king as symbolic status then finally eliminated the whole Royals..that happened only becoz of too much askings of political games in a society where diversity prevails.
    Many people blame the king of Bhutan here.Why?What did he do you as a person?
    Do not ever blame such a noble soul for no reasons n fault of him.Understand his motive of what he doing.Supose if an employer kick you out of his company,do you blame him/her alone?Or you want to go back to your aprtment n try to reflect why he did so?
    Ponder on it? Adios Senore!!
    PS:Actions of RBA was just an action of human,You can see that in any democratic countries coz they have to maintain disciplines n orders.

  17. Mr Universal,

    Your long lecture on the principles was good. But here is a fact- that you don’t seem to co-relate with your teachings on humanity and harmony.

    Why did the king impose northern cultural norms on the southerners BEFORE any political aspirations of the southern nepalese surfaced? That is something you should set right on your time line.

    The imposition (provocation) of northern bhutanese identity as the only bhutanese identity on southerners HAPPENED before nepalese people began to think there must be self-determination of cultural rights against the imposition. Only an action can have a reaction.

    Your job as a innocent northerner is to set right which act was the action and which act was the reaction. Again it is your choice to put it in the reverse order. What Buddha taught was that to know the truth you need to work hard to know the truth.

    You cannot tell a southerner to be a northerner. If that is your expectation to this day and also justify the King’s action on that basis you lack respect for differences in individuals.

    Personally I am not a hindu cultural fanatic anymore but I do respect others rights just like I respect yours to your cultural enjoyment.

    But just because we disagree should you remove me from my own country without reason? And these days I hear that the rules on clothes and culture is not so strict anyway. So what was the fuss all about?


    To correct you slightly, neither the fourth King provide free eduction or free health nor does the bhutanese system at the moment.

    The people of Bhutan paid and pay their land tax, forest tax, produce tax, sales tax, etc to contribute to the revenue of Bhutan.

    Back in those days, southern Bhutan was the most important source of revenue for the King’s coffers, especially from taxes on land and produce. Each tree in the orchards of the south was taxed my friend, each tree. People worked for free in terms of Goondawla and Lebe on the roads of Bhutan. Their children went to school.

    The King of Bhutan did not build the roads with his own hands, he simply ordered the construction of roads. Every family of Bhutan northerner or southerner engaged in free labour for the nation.

    This was never accounted for in monetary terms neither with the northerners nor for the southerners. Or was it? So free education was not that bad a deal for their children.

    Without the revenue and the foreign aid no one, not even northerners would have been able to go to school and colleges. So don’t cry on this matter. We don’t need your sympathy for something we were entitled to.

    The third king was mostly responsible for free health care and free education. It started in 1961- not after the enthronement of the 4th king in 1972.Why do you think governments of western countries are so prosperous? They tax their citizens rich or poor. And if the 4th King of Bhutan did the same thing- what makes you think that the 4th King did something extraordinary in the name of development. In fact he did not do anything that changed Bhutan. Change had already happened with his father’s hands.

    The 3rd King must be respected for whatever he did. I have never felt any sense of wrong for him. He was the perfect king of modern Bhutan.

    I hope you see this clearly- the third king started free education the later 4th didn’t. And in fact the 4th was responsible for the provocation of southerners with cultural issues. The difference in attitude of the 4th is discernible.

    So don’t think it was free education and health without contribution from southerners. It could have been more or it could have been less. But it was not free.


    If you like uniformity of identity then it is your choice. Go ahead and impose. But if sarchop bhutanese is different to you, you don’t expect them to be a ngalong all of a sudden, do you? Or with time may be? In either case I would disagree with you.

    Any attempt of cultural harmony is senseless and futile. If cultural harmony was possible why would christians fight against islam and hindus fight with islam for centuries?

    Somethings cannot harmonise. Religions and cultures are so different that rather it is time which teaches us that religion only exercises power and is of no use to the modern individual.

    What would matter to most Bhutanese today whether inside or outside Bhutan is consolidation of labour, good laws on labour and proper care to the environment of Bhutan. People should live a prosperous, free and creative life wherever they are.


    The 4th does not need any appreciation for what the 3rd king did, rather he needs to be reprimanded for the inhuman inactivities of torture, murder and rape of his own southern citizens— according to the laws of Bhutan.

    The democratic state of Bhutan can take legal action under s 126 of the Penal Code of Bhutan for SOLICITATION of an offence by the RBA by commanding murder, rape, arson, loot or sabotage.

    No army in the world has the right to murder, rape and loot in the name of the King or a head of state. What makes you think Bhutan is any different?

    And even if there is a differnce what makes you think that is justified- do you think it is an act of God or an act against God?

    I see that you support the disciplining of the southerners. I can imagine how you treat them to this day. Discipline cannot be cruel, barbaric and which disenfranchises a people, then drives them out with force and ridicule.

    Disciplining, in that sense is an inhuman and barbaric claim.

    Jai Bhutani

  18. Mr.Avi,
    You are equally lecturing here but your statement is the most faulty ones that any positive people see it.There are still about 70% of nepalese are living peacefully in southern Bhutan.They are yet started their normal lives and some of them are the leading people both in political field,civil field n economical fields.
    I vouch you that Bhutan will again lead and remain in peace with our own ways of life without the Nepali chauvinism n castesm system but with nationalstic harmoney.They way you put here seem too much of individualism.
    You know that Bhutan never forced its citizen with any irrelevant elements of social norms.Only Gho n Kira and learn the National Language was made n is still compulsary as they are the main identities of the nation to maintain for the distinction of Bhutanese.These are compulsary every part of the world in any country!
    You go to China n settle there you need to learn Chinese!
    Settle in India you need to learn Hindi!Go to n settle in Japan you needt learn Japnese and in any English speaking world you need to be well conversant in English!Dont you know that? the tax you pay in other part of the world! Atleast 20-30% of your net income you need to pay as here in Bhutan it is just a nominal 10- 25 %.Do you see the difference now? Why?
    What other free n freedom you mean I dont understand.How long your parents going to feed you n clothes you?Who are you to blame the 4th king?Why dont you see things from your own deficiency?When you point a finger three are pointing at you!You are a mayopic who has no vision to see beyond your own nose.
    Whatever you wanna say,say it but Bhutan as a unique nation with its unique identity will ever exist.No persons with dirty n radical idiology can bring harm to this though a tiny coun try.The truth and the facts we cannot change and that Bhutan doe s not want to.
    By making such malicious n faulty propagation you are trying to dismentle a system appreciated by world’s community.This is too bad!
    Jai Bhutan n Long live our Royals!!

  19. Dear Universal!

    As you said-” Bhutan is a unique nation with every aspects,i.e religiouosely, politically,demographically,
    geographically and educationally.” This is what those Wangchucks and their bureaucrats preached us.

    In other words it is an excuse of our king to stay in the throne(Power), by cleaming the the uniqueness of our nation. Switzerland, Nepal, Tibet, Rome and many other nation are unique, but that uniqueness not doesn’t have to hold a single dynasty in power for generations.

    We know our country is poor, people living in country-side, specially, in North and Northern East are living their life out from basic needs. Our people have to die in absence of pain medication. Children have to walk an hour or 2 to get to the schools. Roads and infrastructures are forbidden to the rural communities. Is this what we are calming GNH.

    Our people were kicked out of the country and made refugee, just because they ask for freedom and Rights that they can practice. Just because they request for democracy and change.

    But the King, who considered himself a leader of this country made our people refugee. He took the rights and freedom of our people to practice their religion, culture, language, and values. For example- Our people practice, Nyingma School, but this regime(King) restrict and forbidden us. My question, once again, how come a person become a leader of a nation by his birth? As I always said- I respect Ugyen Wangchuck, but for what we people need to waste the people tax and country resource for his generation.

    Why not we use those resource and money for a good cause? Why not we uplift our people life style? Why not we celebrate people’s power? Why not we make a inclusive society of Sharchop(easterner), Ngalop, Lhotshampas(Southerner), and several aboriginal peoples to respect and honor one individual’s culture, religions, values, and believes?

    Hope, you are Human, and have the sense of feeling!

    As some one said- “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” So, do not think what you are taught and preached is all correct.

    IIT Madras India(Student)

  20. Hi sonam,
    I think you are too much influenced by those radical idea of socially fragmented insurgents.You have to know the real situation n know the facts before you talk so much of a things.
    Bhutan is a buddhist nation and socially bound everbody as its a tiny country.
    We do not have here like communities divided by castes n creeds like in Nepal n India,like Gurung Basti,Pradhan Basti,
    Tamang Basti.Here our government’s main policy is to bring all ethnic groups and make them feel one and that credit goes to the royals which would best suit for a nation as its size.
    Rest I already talked to you.Best of luck and be a good human being!

  21. Why the Bhutan fails to get elected at UNSC? no one can’t no the Bhutan where it is , why not bhutan gov kick the nepaliese live in bhutan? Bhutan is not in the map also, B N S is nothing, Bns wants only narrow minded people , i always joking with bns i heat bhutan gov, thank u gurila ,

  22. Mr Universal, Dolodorji and Sonam,

    It is quite interesting to see that three different Ngalong Bhutanese have three different views. Usually a differing view to the monarchists is never seen so often.

    Dolodorji seems to have directly contacted Sonam. If that was not the case, then Dolodorji your writing was not clear. But whatever you have written makes us readers feel that Dolodorji has directly contacted Sonam to suppress an opinion.

    This is non of my business, but I am pretty clear that the Constitution of Bhutan allows you, Sonam to have your own opinion.

    So who else wants to breach the GNH Constitution?

    Mr Dolodorji how radical are we- insurgents? Very nice of you to note our strength and our weaknesses. We are human indeed.

    Bhutan has seriously conducted a massive propaganda to give birth to children like Universal who blindly supports the monarch,

    Dolodorji who teaches others to comply and who has learned big words like insurgents,

    And Sonam who has been exposed to the outside world, and so genuinely questions the rationality of a democracy under the present King, and questions the rationality of GNH- when economics can barely function on happiness.

    Was the UN seat easy to get? Not at all. No matter how great you are, somethings in history can never change. There are finite reasons why Bhutan lost.

    But it was indeed good talking to fellow Bhutanese citizens inside/outside Bhutan. The development of Bhutan is every Bhutanese’s concern.

    Here is the link to my article if you want some more light on where am I coming from. It is long but bearable if you are really interested in development. But certainly don’t get yourself into trouble. Information is lethal. Be careful with it inside Bhutan.


  23. Dear Dolodorji ,

    Here are answers for your post above-

    1) For me it looks like you are too much influenced to the monarch(Wangchucks), but not to people. That is only difference between you the agents of Wangchucks and me the son of a hard working Bhutanese.

    2) I know the real situation and facts, and want to express not being bias or shamed. Here the problem is people like you, who blindly believe that only the generation of Wangchuck are granted to rule and control our nation. You should first understand and feel the power of people, not a power of a generational government.

    People like you who enjoy those royal privileges and luxuries have no credibility to consider and claims all fellow Bhutanese are Happy and fulfilled. I 100 % assumed you might be a day-blind not to notice and understand those enormous challenges and harassment people have to gone through in day to day basis in side Bhutan.

    So, being a son of a hard working Bhutanese family I have deep and real understanding about inside and outside of Bhutan than people like you who have no thing to do other than to be a slum of those Wangchucks at Thimphu.

    3) If our government’s main policy is to bring all ethnic groups and make them feel one, why don’t we have inclusive cultural, social, spiritual, and racial practice? Why is there the dominance only from the of Wangchuck dynasty’s values, culture, religion, dress-code, language and so on..?

    4) Yes, I am also a Buddhist, but what it has to do with the those Wangchucks(Monarch)? To be honest, it is a shame for a our Buddhist nation to have 1/6th of our population in refugee camp.

    Are we Buddhist supposed to humiliate, disrespect, and discredit other religion, tradition, and are we taught to enjoy people’s suffering? It is awkward to be proud in speech of being Buddhist while in action doing this opposite of Buddhism’s norms and principles.

    4. As like many hard working Bhutanese and young generation from Bhutan I think, the conspiracy of ethnic cleansing designed by our king and his bureaucrats is immoral, illogical, and inhuman. It is all done to depopulate and weaken the educated mass from the country which could be a challenge and threat to the generational power of Wangchuck at Thimphu.

    My only question- why a poor and under developed country like ours we are still wasting a huge part of our country’s economy towards those Wangchucks? Why are we still believing and celebrating in a single generational power? Are we still in Jungle?


  24. This is the first time I have seen a young Bhutanese speaking up.

    It is time you saw the truth and you have. I don’t doubt it.

    May Lord Buddha give you strength and the knowledge to exist. Be careful inside Bhutan.


  25. Sonam,

    Here is my email address [email protected]. If you want to talk I am always open.

    Talking to a Bhutanese from Bhutan- I have never done that. I hope we can talk sensibly.

    Be careful brother. You are still in India and Bhutan. Be careful. There are plenty who know how to silence dissenters.

    However I hope you can stretch your hands forward in friendship.

    Kudos to you

  26. HAHAHA these boys are really influenced by negative thinkings when their parents lost the sense of responsibilties some 22 years ago and tried to topple a peaceful nation with their chaotic idiology in the name of democracy.
    They never new that democracy comes with education and responsibilities
    Now you wonder why Bhutan was not voted for a seat in UNO.There maybe other reasons for it.But always wonder why US/UK/Australia/Canada did not pressurize Bhutan to take those fake Bhutanese back to Bhutan?.There is certainly some reasons you n me do not know.Wink!

  27. Oh yeah Mr Universal we don’t know anything. You know everything about Bhutan. You are a genius. Wink!

    Why they didn’t pressurise to take back fake Bhutanese? Oh you are right. Wink!

    And get your spelling for ideology and knew correct. Wink!

    I hope to learn a lot from you in the coming days. Do keep your fake name universal the way it is. Otherwise it will be hard to follow you.

    Wink Wink!

  28. Mr. Universal you are so funny! To be honest, you sounds like you are one the retarded human being around the globe. If you are a kid, then I am sorry to comment you.

    Else- here it goes:

    By the way, I had commented nearly 150 times in Your uncle dominated “Kuensel Online” through many different news and articles, but I was never ever given a space to publish my single comments and to make it online, though they were not as mean and crappy like yours.

    So, you better ask your uncle dominated media to allow press freedom, and also ask them not to Censor public’s opinions. Then it might worth for you to utter your sentiments here in this people’s media.

    Any way, hope you are happy ! FYI: by clamming your self as a Bhutanese, please never ruined my status and my pride of being “unbiased Drukpa.”

  29. Tshering,You say you are a Drukpa!?
    Huh,you are the one who is more retarded than me my boy!
    Whose uncle you are talking about.In the political arena each side wants to be right.In fact I know more facts about Bhutan though I am not a Drukpa.What would you say now?

  30. Universal I am sure you are not a Drukpa, but a crappy bureaucrat of some Wangchucks and JYT. I preferred not to comments on your childish statements, but it would be more fun some time to tease a child. LOL

    Hope you won’t kicked out your plate after you read my comments. Do not make a mash for your mum.

    By kiddi!

  31. Yeah Tshering,you are so wise thats why you are making all this crappy comments here siding the traitors and I know that if you have any sense of nation and brotherhood you would never choose a wrong path.
    You know boy..a man’s destiny is curved by his own actions.So out of your own guilt dont blame n name others.
    I see you are the one who have already kicked your plate because you have shat in it lol lol lol.Poor boy!