Bhurtel nominated as new chair to lead Utah community


The first meeting of the freshly elected Bhutanese Community in Utah nominated Mukti Bhurtel, 30, as the new Chairperson to the organization’s board of directors, Saturday, at a local LDS church in Salt Lake city, Utah.

Mukti Bhurtel (Picture : Khem Kafley/BNS)

Bhurtel has been an active board member since the incorporation of the organization and has served as Vice President and Public Relation Coordinator for the two consecutive years.

“The citizenship education, employment for all, Nepali Language classes for children and activities to preserve culture will be our focused programs during my tenure,” Bhurtel told the Bhutan News Serving, announcing his future programs.

The BCU also pledged to work on driver education for those who have little English.

As per the Chairperson, the board would work to support the venerable families, empower the community by organizing trainings and workshops on communications, alcoholism, domestic violence, and conflict management. The board has a budget of some US $ 18,000 (RSO grant) and additional US$ 5,000 as community funds.

Likewise, portfolio distribution for the remaining members in the organization board included Kedar Dhakal (Chief Secretary), Bhim Kumari Sapkota (Treasurer), Chudamuni Dulal (Press and Publicity), Dina Rizal (Public Relation), Harka Biswa (Culture), and Yogesh Regm (Youth & Sports Secretary).

The Board meeting also decided to form different committees viz women and children, youth and sports, and culture, and an advisory board to support the smooth functioning of community organization within next 15 days.

The BCU was formed as a non-profit organization in 2009.


  1. I like to congratulate the newly elected President and his cohort, for winning the hearts of the people. With descends of the New Year the responsibilities to lead the people is coming strong and parallel. I hope the young leaders will deliver what the community aspire from the leaderships.
    DB Adhikari

  2. I would like to extend Hearty Congratulation and support to you, for being nominated as a dynamic leader of Bhutanese living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Your contribution to the community has substantial significance that can generate hope to hopeless, strength to feebleness, and courage to cowardice. The past have already reflected your true leadership to the people and won their heart, which finally made you stand once again as their leader before them. Intensive Citizenship classes, English classes, and social welfare programs are the burning need today to make the community fish for self-reliance and self-sufficiency. In addition, many of our youths are in perturbation looking for innovative and trustworthy guidance, which BCU can confer.