Bhai Tika celebrated in camps


Exiled  Hindus from Bhutan celebrated Bhai Tika, the last and last day of Tihar, the festival of lights, in all six camps, Friday.

Exiled youths playing Deusi in Beldangi camp to mark Tihar festival (Picture : Writer)

Marking Bhai Tika today, sisters put Tika on foreheads of brothers ensuring better health, prosperity and long life based on the cultural belief. And, in returns brothers honored sisters with Tika and also offered various presents including cloths.

Our reporters based in camps said, this year’s Tihar saw less celebrations as compared with those of previous years as the population in camp has been almost reduced by half due to the ongoing third country resettlement program.

Some relatives and family members from Bhutan even travelled to camps to receive Tika while some of exiled Bhutanese marked Tihar as the last festival before their relocation in various western countries.

A boy smiles as he faces camera after receiving Bhai Tika and a present from his sister (Picture : Hari Kumar Dahal)

Like in previous years, the Armed Police Force maintained tight security inside the camps after 7 p.m. to avoid any unforeseen situations.

The Nepali Calendar Determination Committee declared that the auspicious hour for offering the Bhai Tika in Tihar festival was at 11:55 am.

However, our reporters said they saw several exiled Bhutanese with Tika on their forehead since early morning today. They were also to travel to various places to catch up their sisters for receiving Tika.

Reports coming in from abroad say the resettled Bhutanese are celebrating the Bhai Tika on Oct 29.