Beldangi-I youth owns up Subba’s murder


A youth from Beldani-I camp identifying himself as Dhan Bir Subba has admitted murder of Nar Bahadur Subba of Beldani-II.

It is leant that Dhan Bir decided to kill Nar Bahadur when the latter readopted his wife, who had eloped with the murder-accused Subba, according to Armed Police Force (APF) stationed in Beldangi.

Nar Bahadur’s wife had eloped with Dhan Bir some weeks ago, revealed initial investigation by police. Damak Police Station has detained Dhar Bir for clamping murder charges.

Background: Unidentified gang kills one in Beldangi


  1. It is double crime: first taking wife and then taking away the life. Such nature of crime should be punished by death penalty as suggested by Roshan.
    Save our society with its age old custom of encouraging fidelity from the intrusion of such criminals.