Beldangi-I observes Bhu tapasya program


Beldangi-I, April 14 : A monokranti follower alias Glim completed his 7 days of worship in a nine feet chamber beneath soil, amidst a special function this morning.

The event organizer, Bhutan Manokranti Samiti, appreciated his initiave -to change the world, you need to change yourself.

Hundreds of exiled Bhutanese gathered to witness the event. There has been increasing trends in camps in manokranti that focusses on super learning, reki, yoga and other forms of meditations.


  1. I dont know why people dont write their real name while writing the comments.This is ridiculous!!!Sometimes comments can be negative too,thats not wrong?But why do they use just their false name,simply provacative language and paste it.This is something i found common in almost every Bhutanese web-site.