Beldangi-I fire victims receive cash supports


The recent fire victims of Beldangi-I camp received cash supports from the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands through Bhutan Media Society (BMS), Sunday.

BMS in coordination with the Camp Management Committee distributed Rs 11,8527 to the fire victims proving each 65 burnt huts with Rs 1800 each, the Society stated in a press statement issued on Monday.

Of the total fund received, American Vivekananda Academy based in Manchester city of New Hampshire, U.S. donated Rs 59,489. Similarly, the Society received Rs 28,321 from the Bhutanese Welfare Association in UK and Rs 30,717 from the Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands and its Dutch friends.

Camp Secretary of Beldangi camp, Sanchahang Subba, distributed cash donations to individual household amidst a program organized by the Society in Beldangi-I yesterday.

“The camp management committee is highly impressed with the mission of the Bhutan Media Society in supporting fellow-countrymen in needs,” the Secretary Subba said while addressing the gathering.

“We highly value generosity of resettled Bhutanese and their friends who have extending their helping hands in order to sympathize fire victims of our camps,” he added.

Dozens of representatives from various aid agencies, Youth Friendly Center, Armed Police Force, and camp-based organizations also attending the relief distribution.

The Society further said Ram Karki from the Netherlands, Prem Giri from the United Kingdom and Bhim Basnet on behalf of American Vivekananda Academy volunteered to mobilize the funds to fire victims through BMS.

Pandit Ramadheen Ramsamooj has set up American Vivekananda Academy where most of the students at present are refugees from Bhutan.

This school, apart from teaching English, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, US history and constitution, world geography, world history, English literature, economics, principles of business, it also has in its curriculum Sanskrit, Indian philosophy, Yoga, Ayurveda, Indian Music, Indian and Bhutanese History.

Pandit Ramsamooj is a visionary and original thinker who has dedicated his life to developing creative learning methods and building institutions that provide holistic education that combines academic excellence and moral awareness in its students.

This  has culminated in a teaching methodology called Super Accelerated Learning Theory  (S.A.L.T.) that has shown a quantum leap in the quality and quantity of learning in students from diverse backgrounds. His goal is to put his experience and the SALT methodology to use on a national and international scale.