Beldangi area to go wifi-zone


If everything goes as what has been planed by the World Link, one of the first Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal, three camps of Beldangi would go wifi-zone in near future.

“We are preparing to release high-speed wifi that will also cover three Beldangi camps,” Rajen Timsina, Chief Office Bearer of at World Link Damak told Bhutan News Service.

According to Timisna, the plan has been a regular outreach of the ISP that has internet connectivity nationwide.

“We have set such wifi services in Damak and Urlabahari already. And, responses from the customers are amazing,” added Timisina.

Currently the ISP, Timsina said, has been trying to meet the internet demands of exiled Bhutanese as well.

The ISP also said that plans were underway to offer the deviceless technology at cheaper rates.

“We were to release the facilities before Tihar, but it seems we will take some weeks more,” added he.

However, Timsina clarified that the service was simply not intended to reach out to refugee internet users, but also those from the refugee-affected host communities.

“We aren’t simply targeting refugees,” explained he.”Thus, we don’t need to fulfill all formalities required to cover the entire Beldangi area.”