BCS joins 98118 coalition parade in Seattle

Representatives from the Bhutanese community during the parade (Picture courtesy : BCS)

The Bhutanese Community in Seattle (BCS) said its representatives took part in the 20th parade program of 98118 Coalition for Refugees and Immigrants held in Seattle, WA, Saturday.

Seen as one of the exceptional events, the parade included around 65 ethnic groups from various countries of the world.

Representatives from the Bhutanese community during the parade (Picture courtesy : BCS)

“We got a great chance to identify ourselves as Bhutanese in this country by extending our participation in the joint parade,” commented one of the attendees, Devi Rizal.

Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N), Seattle Foundation provided the financial support for cost arrangements and refreshments for the participants from the Bhutanese community.

According to Rizal, such programs intend to increase the networking and good relationship of Bhutanese with other ethnic communities and mainstream organizations.

Formed in March 2012, BSC comprises of Hom Khatiwoda (President), Bisal Acharya (Vice-President), Tek Rizal (Secretary), Kapil Bastola (Vice-Secretary), Hari Pokhrel (Treasurer) and Chandra Acharya (Vice-Treasurer).


  1. Its so rediculous to see these designation as the leadership .I dont necessary agree and trust this organization,however they may have a different goal but they can’t compete with BCRC.

  2. Oh my GOD……. the above names are community leaders? Guys don’t feel shy to be self bosted presiden secretary and all….. hahah you guys are playing “bhara-kuti” in non profit sectors.
    It is shame to them who stand as 2nd bhutanese organization in wa. I think there are only 3 families who join to make this organizaton and only from Ranier. […]

  3. Hey Mr. this organization doesn’t want to compete with BCRC. However, this organization stands for only 98118 coalition . And, I strongly recommended you that ………….don’t pull other’s legs….

  4. Hahaha……
    Mohan ji…. u r right these people cannot judge others capability…….
    They are just jealous of BCS….
    They r jealous of pragati that BCS have been doing……
    They have No idea How much a youth Can do….
    Why don’t y guys see the history of world…..
    Everywhere you Can see youths changing the face of the Community…..
    Youth are the reason for the existence of the world. .
    How could they say that they don’t have a leadership….
    Kapal fuleko ra kapal jhareka talu khuyele haru le matrai Community ma leadership garna sakchan????
    I was so pissed off to see these ppl judging others capability…….
    Anyway Congrats BCS and hope that you guys will carry on..
    Best wishes for you!!

  5. Grow up 98118 child’s. We are in America and it is not Nepal. I highly recommend you guys stop being like a fish without water. I thought you guys have a strong community organization in state of Washington.:Bhutanese Community Resource Center. Why don’t you guys be together and form a strong organization that can lead and show that you guys are working in collaborate group? Also, What kind of unique organization is Bhutanese Community in Seattle. Child’s Seattle is a huge city and there are many zip code in Seattle area and you child’s seems funny because you are coming up with a small area. Finally, Suggest you guys to grow up. Coming of Age.

  6. @ Washington…. you needn’t have to trust or agree if you don’t want to…. if u don’t trust, agree … i even don’t think that u can criticize too…
    @Prm….. wow i think you know a lot about non profit…. that is great…. some time with more knowledge may result to worst with no knowledge…… i am not involved in any organization but i belongs to those who does sth for our benefits….. i saw that young folks are involved in this new small group of 98118 with new hopes to learn sth …. don’t try to humiliate them come paring to a baby game. Next to that please read the example below for better understanding:
    if u pour a water in a empty glass definitely it will stay but if u pour in a glass which is already full than it will split…..
    so these young folks dont know anything about non profit… i want to advise you pleas e give them good suggestion, concept and encouragement, so that they can learn sth good to do instead of bad and discouraging comments. I guess this group is formed in a limited part of the city and may not cover all Bhutanese or may not be to compete with any other…… i really appreciate the group
    lastly I am proud to see Bhutan’s flag as well thanks to all Bhutanese who participate in parade program and letting the communities around here known that Bhutanese are also here……….. good job keep it up

  7. What a combination of extended family.

    I hope you guys are matured and have the sense of belonging. If so, join the effort to make a strong Bhutanese Community in WA, rather deviating with someone’s stupid ideas to divide us for his/her personal benefits.

    There is no harm to have a city base sub committee, but to totally ignore the beauty of having a single but dynamic Bhutanese community in WA is immature and delicate notion.

    As a saying goes -[…]!

  8. Oh my god, you bros are acting like child. Tapai haruko yo natak dekhda, Malai ta nepal ka bhrasta mantri haruko yad aayo. Please grow up guys!!

  9. Hey. washington and Prm: u silly guy dont need to agree or trust. try trust yourself first. this not SEEM bcrc n bcs competition. r u still in back refugee camp? hey prm— u mean u want ur dad, mom and grilfren president, secretary?……………… do u know the meaning of bhara-kuti? explain me in detail. can u explain me the meaning of nonprofit […] ……. who told u this is 2nd bhutanese org. ? […], even one man can make organization. u wanna make one org. with whole people of u.S or world? […]

    URS ,DORGEE…..


  10. What you guys are doing there? Friends, it is not a child play, or it is not a circus to make people laugh. Think again…….. I mean again and again. what you guys are doing?

    For your family’s benefits you guys might be opening this family based organization(you have right to do so), which is not a big deal for us. But you are sending a wrong message to American society and to the Bhutanese Communities, by putting the word “Bhutanese” in your organization’s name. Which shows the dirt of division.

    Common friends , it is not a child’s game, and it is not a game of hide and seek. Be matured, be cooperative, and learn to be united.

    Yes, Acharya family have the right to open their groups, so does Khatiwoda, Tiwari, Rizal, Rai, Subba, Tamang, Biswa, khadka, Mongor…, but for what?

    Again my question is, why and what compelled you, four or five family members, to form a group stating “Bhutanese Community in Seattle”? Rather, why don’t you join the elected board of BCRC there in WA, to make your voice loud and stronger.

    Friends, I am still not sure what your intentions are, and about the level of maturity you guys have. I don’t know how civilized you guys are? I hope, you are not that bad!

    whole world loves a good loser, but you guys are trying to be opposite looser. There is a good saying too -” A wise man find a solution, but a foolish create another problem.” I hope you are wise, and want to be always.

    So, friend do not ignore the potentialities and the power of unity. Other wise, your group will be merely a group of four to five family members(a group of extended family member).

    Your well wisher!

  11. Who told you there are two Bhutanese Organization in Washington ? First time I ever hear about BCS, and looks like a group of four or five Bahuns and Chettri family.

    It is ridiculous, some time people are stupid than a monkey. LOL

  12. @Hem I don’t think […] feet here. Many of the people seems they have participated in the parade program where other 65 communities throughout the globe were involved and I think it was a really great network among-st dother communities and Bhutanese…. Next to that just think and answer urself… Why there is fragmentation? Might be because people are satisfied or ….. i even dont know y BCS is formed but only knows that if there are few groups than people will be involved where they get good services and supports. Might be people in Rainier wants to do their own instead of depending on others to do for them… so take it easy…. if there is no competitors than it is worthless to be in the ply field and there is no value of winning….
    You will be always first if you are only one ….. in any thing and if there r ur competitors u may b ………….may not…..
    Anyway i dont really know who formed BCS but wish them to do the best to prove themselves that they CAN DO IT.
    Or does it mean that just u should do no one else? […]
    @Washington ….. […] । Just think before you write……

  13. Achamma!!!!!
    What happened if few ppl started an org……
    Folks let me remind you…single droplets of water forms an ocean….
    Instead of encouraging these ppl Why are ppl talking against them????
    It’s America…. they have got the right to form an org……..
    By reading the above comments what I concluded is…. BCRS is jealous of BCS and r scared that bcoz of BCS they may not be able to perform the DICTATORSHIP……….
    Anyway Good Luck BCS……

  14. Hi everybody!!
    This sounds great tht slowly some of the people of our community are upcoming with their own talents. As i was also a board member of BCRC in the year 2011 but nothing i learn being a board member of bcrc coz i found tht some of the people wants to lead their organization with the mind of 2 or 3 people who seems to to b self boasted and smart and running their organization on the political basis as if dictatorial .Actually i doesn’t mean tht criticizing both org. but i mean if bcrc is a single org. of all city of WA thn Y don’t they wants to involve participants of all city in every program they conduct? Lets talk abt the soccer tournament conduct in California on the month of June, in this contest Y bcrc do not involve the players from other city rather thn to make a team from only Tukwila only ? This state tht bcrc wil nt give the chance to show their talents on their specific field to the people of the community ….n the leaders of bcrc dont want other people doing better as per their talents ….not only this ,there r many other activities which BCRC do parcility …Bedbugs jasto motaudaima, kesh bina ko Talu hudaima,mailey chalayeko org vandaima , modeling gardaima budo mind lai youth ley follow garnaipa6 vanney chai haina kya sathi ho…saying goes: “don’t count the book with its outer cover”. Any way wishes goes to both org. to extends their talents with batter hope ……

  15. every one can form organization in usa. but actually what i convey to BCS leader is that make only one Bhutanese organization in seattle. Dont make organization for your own benefit only.if you are really a man command say the fact where you are not satisfy with BCRC mrs BCS leader and advisor jeu la. At last what i want to remind BCS is that make a unity forget the past think and think for present. Realize the mistake that you have done knowingly or unknowingly and asked pardon for Bhutanese community in seattle.

  16. Every body have right to open a Org, but only if it is necessary. To open a organization to boost one self as president and Secretary is shame and creepy.

    I am totally tired with these nature of self proclaimed leaders, since I was in camp. Why people always take a easy excuse, or make a creepy decision, and start opening mushroom like organization, rather than, making a strong but united platform.

    I and many of our Bhutanese Brother and sister are in a hope to see united Bhutanese Organization here in WA. If some one from BCRC did not give you the space and if it is true, why don’t you fight for it, why don’t you challenge to stay united. As I know, BCRC does election in every city, how come you are not elected from there? What can a simple person can conclude from this? 1. You are not the choice of most people in your city, or 2. You have the intention to create division in Bhutanese Community by not joining the BCRC election.

    Friends good luck for your family based organization, but remember, one who does not realized the importance of unity and cooperation with in Bhutanese community will not be counted as a educated or wise individual.

    A good leader dream to be a leader of mass, and you are dreaming to be a leader of your relatives. “Solute to your vision and your self proclaimed leadership.”

  17. @ Dhane Rai, .. U do not need to do jealous of Bhaun and chhedtris. If u have courage and enough educated let us open ur own Rai jati org. La.

    Don’t u know U. S. has two parties Democrates and Republicans. It is good fit to make a good and strong gov. in U.S. So, I do support this bcs to have at least two org. in wA . or even in seattle. Keep in mind that every org. begins from single family and will gradually grow if it wants.It has right to dismiss if it wants as well. It does not mean every goverment or parties or organizations ever last. Everything has limit and age in this universe. Does it make sense to you?

    Good job bcs guys! Keep it up. Take the worthy comments and discard the unworthy. Take it easy bros. Keep focus in ur mission and move ahead gradually.


  18. Babul Rai, Seattle– Are you kidding me ? Do not try to be a fake Rai, it doesn’t match you!

    And never thing you would be able to confused people here in US, as like in Nepal. Grow up Mr. neither a single Bhutanese like your ideas, nor a single Rai from Washington love to comment on your behalves.

    Be some one, and keep posting sweet comments for your so called BCS, or ask your extended family members in your group to keep on commenting, other wise you may be shamed to walk around with your chin up tomorrow! Do don’t be the stupid of the stupid. LOL!!

    I know it is worthless to comment on people like you or your so called BCS, but I feel the humor to do so.

    “Good luck to you self claimed leaders!”

  19. @ Dhan Rai…………………… Dhan ji Rainier ma all bahun and chhetri matra chhan yar ….. k garnu kohi pani rai, limbu………………………….. chhaeena…… Rayo kura extended family ko….. j sochyo tyahi hun6….. but i don’t think BCS only have extended family.Next to that if u dont like t comment it is fine buto let you just know that “The one who does stuomething will learn rather than those who ………..” Stupid people always sees stupid to other also” Be positive.
    Being frank BCS is not set up to bring any fragmentation within our community but to create more awareness to community so that each and every people will understand about non profit. Doing something is better than-talking too much without nothing. Just read the news BCS is Setup in March2012 and they already have some financial support from N2N…… wow but……………………………………..
    @Mr Subash ……. Wt u have done for ur family?????? Ur eyes was able to see few families involved but ur eyes doesn’t see wt they did?…….. in few months after being formed they were able to come in media, able to show the Washington our flag, our nationality, just think BCS was among 65th ethnic group to participate….. there were more than 5000 people …………. And it was Just for 98118 ( THE MOST DIVERSE ZIPCODE OF THE USA…….) whether It may be or mayn’t be extended family….. N2N trust BCS that is y they were financially supported…… still u think it as a child game????? may be u r a child to see this great thing as a game…….
    Finally BCS is Rainier based small group formed by some youths…… some adult and some family and will not be extending to be a big but will try to involve maximum of the people living in rainier to develop skills, ability and many other activities……..
    I highly encourage the members, advisers and every individuals involved in this small group to throw away negative comment, keeps the good and try to apply in the best to become an example and to prove yourself that U CAN DO IT.

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