BCS celebrates seventh anniversary


The Bhutanese Community in Syracuse (BCS) Inc., has celebrated its seventh anniversary in a midst of  two hundred people on March 21.

The event kick started with a speech of Mr. Jawala Regmi who welcomed guests and community members. The welcome speech was followed by a welcome dance of small children.

New Bhutanese-Americans who were felicitated with congratulation letters pose for a group picture (Picture: BNS/Kazi)
New Bhutanese-Americans who were felicitated with congratulation letters pose for a group picture (Picture: BNS/Kazi)

During the event, one hundred and thirty five new Bhutanese-Americans were felicitated with congratulation letters by the judge who has presided over numerous citizenship oath ceremonies . As it has been doing every year, BCS also presented a letter of appreciation to five people from different agencies and one employer that have made significant impact in the lives of Bhutanese-Nepalese in Syracuse.

Other highlights of the event were a presentation of BCS activities, challenges and its future plans, and free Bhutanese-Nepalese food to the guests.

“Our event is unique. We do not think this type of event where new citizens have been felicitated is being celebrated in any other places”, said BCS executive members in a statement issued today.

According to the statement, this year’s BCS Day was also unique as Somali and Burmese communities also showed their participation.

Kathy Ruscitto, the President and CEO of St. Joseph’ Hospital Health Center, Syracuse congratulated the BCS through a video message on being very successful resettled community group. She also assured BCS that she will help it establish a community center.

BCS, established in 2008 that acquired its tax-exemption status in 2014, has been carrying out different activities to help Bhutanese-Nepalese for an easy transition and integration into the American mainstream.

BCS had invited to the event around two hundred people including elected officials, community leaders, university professors, school teachers and students, and representatives from resettlement agencies and the school districts.

BCS has been celebrating community day event every year in March coinciding with the arrival of first Bhutanese-Nepalese family in Syracuse. BCS Day 2015 took place at the auditorium of Franklin Magnet Elementary school.