BCRC releases awareness film on scams


Aimed at creating awareness among the resettling and resettled Bhutanese families about various kinds of scams targeting them in the United States, the Bhutanese Community Resource Center (BCRC) has released a documentary, thanks to its dedication.

Director Rizal

The Center registered in Washington has launched the documentary – Sawadhan – considering a number of scams which victimized some resettled families in the US, it is learnt.

The scammers are mostly learnt to be making direct telephone calls to resettled Bhutanese luring them of different things to cheat cash amount, confirmed even the local authority.

The 30-minute long documentary, available in three parts, was first screened on April 15 in Washington.

The film clearly explained how scammers target resettled families saying they have become recipients of cash donations, ranging from US $ 10,000 to 50,000, from the US government.

“This movie will prove useful to the seniors and people with limited English to know how scammers brainwash the victims,” said BCRC Chairman, Tanka Dhital.

Directed by resettled youth Krish Rizal, Chairman Dhikal has written the script of the film, available in the Youtube.

According to him, a few families have been already victimized in Washington.