BCRC honors seniors; NY program in MA


The Bhutanese Community Resource Center (BCRC), Washington honored senior citizens of the community amidst a cultural event and get-together program organized to mark the Nepali New Year 2070, Saturday.

Seniors being honored by BCRC (Picture courtesy: Krishna Ghimirey, Seattle, Washington)

BCRC Chairperson Tulsi Dabadi and former chairperson Tanka Dhital felicitated 70 seniors with a dairy and a pen as symbols of encouragement to participate in the citizenship preparation classes.

Local Bhutanese artists and artists from Portland, Oregon staged various cultural performances including dances and singing.

Young Bhutanese singer Dhan Rai entertained the audiences with his outstanding singing talent.

The Seattle Foundation and 4 Culture, the Seattle-based funders funded the event attended by over 400 members, guests from local non-profits and city officials.

Artists in group dance (Picture courtesy: Khem Mishra,Worcester, Massachusetts)

Meanwhile, the Bhutanese Community of Worcester, Massachusetts also organized a New Year program with full enthusiasm on last Friday.

More than 300 participants attended the New Year gathering, chaired by the President of the organization, Hari Dhakal.

The event saw cultural dances, songs and other items.

CM Niruala reported from New Hampshire with inputs from DP Neopaney from from Seattle.


  1. Now, it is enough to do any program under an umbrella of any organization. Why can’t you say only the word “resettled Bhutanese” in MA? When are you going to recognize the youths of the community? Have you checked the youths in your community are all doing well in their schools and jobs? In my opinion,in addition to honoring our beloved seniors, we need to focus on the manor issues of our younger generation.