BCNH holds cultural event

Guests present in the program. Photo courtesy: Rajesh Koirala

The Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) organized a cultural event at Derrifield School, Saturday.

Guests present in the program. Photo courtesy: Rajesh Koirala

Dozens of resettled Bhutanese, artists and their Nepalese well-wishers attended the function, the organizer said.

Singers including Jagadish Samal, Kanchi Maya Subba, Amber Subba and Arjun Rashaily among others echoed the function with their favorite songs. A variety of cultural dances, songs and speeches were other highlights of the event, informed organizer.

Executive Director of BCNH, Tika Acharya, also honored various community volunteers during the program.

While, BCNH Board Chair, Bhagirath Khatiwada, explained importance of such events in America, as he stated it was the responsibility of every citizen to preserve and promote the individual’s culture and traditions.

According to the organizers, over 500 Bhutanese, Indians, Nepalis and Americans attended the program managed by Bhutanese youths of NH by Rohit Subedi, Bhola Pathak, Manju khadka, and Dixya Mishra.


  1. I had watched and enjoyed some Bhutanese program previously, but this was way below the expectation. One of the disadvantages is that we have to pay $11 per single person, even children. But the program is not even wroth $1. All the sounds quality were poor and they didn’t manage the proper time. I would say that everybody wasted their money for unusual program. Not only me, but 95% people are unsatisfied for sure!

  2. The program wasn’t worth $11.00!

    BCNH did excellent start honoring the volunteers for their selfless service for the community, but it definitely missed several more volunteers. I am not sure how they selected the people they honored, but they did not to their homework. They must have made the decision in a closed room.

    The other things is, the program was too expensive to go to. The community very well knows that many people in the community are not in stand to afford for the program. Most of these people who could not afford to pay the tickets were not able to see the performance of their minor kids. The organizer/community made money from the artists, and they did not allowed their parents to the program who could not afford the fee.

    People who could afford the tickets were let in free and many parents whose children’s were performing were not allowed into the building.
    This is very sad, and I hope the organizer and the community apologizes to the parents and do not repeat the same mistake in other programs.