BCNH concludes its seminar on trauma


Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) concluded its two-day long seminar ‘intervene on traumatic situation’, aimed at preventing suicide and other evil activities ongoing in the community.

Participants expressing commitment. Photo BCNH
Participants expressing commitment
(Picture: BCNH)

Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) trauma management experts Shelly Stratton, Amy Raskusin, Bill Jacobsen, Hannah Simon-­‐Girard and Kirsten Mandala and practitioners’ team facilitated the sessions.

More than 25 Bhutanese front liners, staffs, board of directors of BCNH, International institute of New Hampshire (IINH), Lutheran Social Services (LSS), Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success (ORIS), New Hampshire State Refugee Coordinator and New Hampshire State Refugee Health Coordinator also attended the event.

The seminar aimed at healing and rebuilding community where skill and education on overall personal development, community strengthening, overcoming illness, stress management, personal therapy and value of team work were broadly highlighted, informed, Motikhar Bhujel, one of the participants.

This training was practiced by HROC in Rwanda and has been working in different countries of the world, according to facilitator Dr.Amy Rakusin,

“BCNH is fortunate to provide our community leaders such training without traveling abroad,” said BCNH Executive Director, Tika Acharya.

“Our gross objective is to build quality human capital in the community so that each member  could play a pivotal role in achieving BCNH’s mission to create enduring legacy of our community in US for our future leaders.”

The seminar was conducted on Dec. 16 and 17 in New Hampshire.