BCN organizes welcome program


Aimed at bringing all the Bhutanese in the Netherlands together and to assist them keep their spirit high, Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands (BCN) organized a cultural program to welcome the new arrivals.

The organizing committee informed BNS that various cultural shows including typical Nepali cultural dances and songs were performed during the program. Meanwhile, attractive and reliving programs of musicals, songs, and sharing of views were seen in order one after the other.

Artists perform music. Photo/BCN
Artists perform music. Photo/BCN

The organizer further informed that children, who had been busy already since a month with the rehearsals, were seen elated and enthusiastic.

BCN mentioned that the Association of Bhutanese in Norway and fellow Bhutanese from other European countries expressed their solidarity and sent wishes for the success of the program. It is reported that Hem Acharya attended the program on behalf of Bhutanese living in Belgium.

Around 30 artists presented their performances. As a token of appreciation, BCN awarded all the artists a small gift.

Speaking at end of the program, Dr. Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal we, who chairs the BCN, welcomed all the new comers and cautioned that “the Netherlands is a beautiful country with hospitable people. But it is one of the most difficult countries for immigrants to excel and to be financially independent.”

“Though Bhutanese are very hard working people, Dutch language has proven to be a major barrier to their progress.”