BCN felicitates comedian duo MaHa

Comedian Duo Madan Krishna and Hari Bansha

Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) honored Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansa Acharya, popular comedian duo also known as MaHa Jodi,  4th June 2016, for their generous support to the Bhutanese refugees in early days of crisis in 1991.

Felicitation announced by Gopal gurung
Felicitation announced by Gopal gurung

Gopal Gurung, National Coordinator of BCN, highlighted the details about the support of MaHa duo during dire need of survival for Bhutanese Refugees  in his address to the NRN (Netherlands) MaHa Jodi cultural program held in Amsterdam .

“With 32 quintal rice donated by them, our people at Maidhar survived their most crucial period of hunger and starvation. Bhutanese Refugees community all over the world remembers that support” Gurung recollected. He further said “Like our community around the world we in The Netherlands were also anxiously waiting to personally honor and share our love and gratefulness with them”. Ram Karki, general secretary of BCN, had received that donation support by the duo in 1991.

“Had he been here today, Ram Karki would have vividly narrated the story of such generosity by comedian artists Madan Krishna and Hari Bansha” remarked Gurung.

NRN delegates and comedian duo MaHa
NRN delegates and comedian duo MaHa/Photo source BCN

Accepting memento of  honor, the duo appreciated Bhutanese refugees for their ever lasting love and gratefulness for their little support which they have almost forgotten. “Bhutanese are the most grateful and graceful people we ever met; if we help them once they will never forget. If we give them 1 rupees they will return 100 rupees” said Madan Krishna Shrestha. He also elaborated how the Bhutanese refugees in all countries of settlement have showered them the love and gratitude.  “We help all people who are needy and we have been doing such social works fro many years, but one service

to Bhutanese back in 1991 invited numerous honors and gratefulness towards us” said Hari Bansa Acharya.

Concluding the honoring ceremony, BCN President Mr. D.P Mainali thanked the NRN Netherlands unit for allowing BCN to interpolate this felicitation event in the midst of their cultural  event. He also expressed his thanks to MaHa Jodi for their support to the Bhutanese refugees at their difficult time. He also appreciated them for accepting BCN honor and expressing their good words for Bhutanese community in general.

 Note: Ram B Karki contributed this news from The Netherlands