BCN donates 600 plus Euro to Arun Rai


The Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands (BCN) said it responded to deteriorating health condition of Arun Rai by donating 661 Euro for supporting his treatment, Monday.

“We have taken the news of Arun Rai’s health situation very seriously and accordingly extended our helping hands,” Ram Bahadur Karki Chhetri said in a statement issued earlier today.

According to BCN, Karki coordinated a donation drive by involving resettled Bhutanese in the Netherlands.

“BCN Successfully ended its week-long donation drive from among the Bhutanese based in the Netherlands on Nov 11 that was started soon BCN received a news alert on Rai’s heath.”

According to the statement, a total of Rs 69,646.00 has been transferred in the name of Dr. Bhumpa Rai today to support Arun’s treatment in Katmandu-based Vayodhya Hospital where he is awaiting major surgery of spinal cord and neck region.

“He has given all his youthful life for the community service and now he needs help in return from the same community,” added Karki in his statement.

BCN has also appealed all Bhutanese communities around the globe to take the call seriously and opt urgent measures to help financially for the treatment of social worker Arun Rai.

46-year-old Arun Rai is a long time Bhutanese refugee social worker. He has been actively serving the community since the start of Bhutanese refugee camp in Maidhar in 1991.

Earlier today, Dr Bhampa Rai appealed every resettled, Bhutanese through BNS, to support Arun’s treatments.