BCA sees major positions unanimously


The Bhutanese Community in Arizona (BCA) conducted its election to the executive board on Monday seeing its three top positions undisputed.

Newly elected BCA team pose for a group photo

Manorath Khanal got unanimously elected to the post of the organization’s president. Similarly, a three-member election committee headed by Dilip Mishra, declared Tara Nepal and Kedar Dhakal as Vice President and General Secretary respectively.

Two persons who filed their nominations for the post of president and vice-president pulled out their candidacies citing personal reasons. As per the organization’s bylaws, there various 13 positions in the executive board.

As per the election results, Ram Sanyasi was elected as Secretary, Nandita Khanal as Treasurer and Yam Bista as Games and Sports Coordinator. Other elected members included KB Chauhan (Religion and Culture), Ram Kr Thapa (Public Relation) and Hari Nepal (Women and Children).


  1. I like to heartily congratulates Manarath Khanal and all the elected officials of BCA.Nevertheless, I like to wish them the best of luck and good wishes to the other candidates who contested and made the election successful and meaningful events.

    The emergence of this kind of regional organization will immensely contribute and can cater the needs of the people, specially when the refugees are putting their last efforts to firmly place themselves in the new country. I think BCA can achieve a lots given the present scenario of already established organization under 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status.
    I wish everybody a happy Thanksgivings.
    DB Adhikari
    Tucson, Arizona

    If the pictures of the elected officials can be posted

  2. Is this the organization of Phoenix alone or other cities of Arizona also? We heard that there are many leaders campaigning for the changes but we never heard of their names in the list.
    Understand that unity is strength. Make the organization as the ladder to climb up and not the begging bowl to fill the belly. You guys have some brains and capitalize in the best possible way.

  3. I have been seeing so many hue and cry about the inclusiveness of democracy in Bhutan by these so-called refugees. But how inclusive is their own democracy in a small setting? People should practice what they preach. Look at the demographic pattern of this newly elected members of an organization in Arizona by the refugees. They are all Khanals, Mishras, Snayasis, Dhakals, Nepals and Chuwans. This is Bhauns’ organization. Where are Rais, Limbus, Tamangs, Gurungs, Lepchas, Mongars, Sherpas…?

    In Bhutan, there are at least Ministers and Members of Parliament from Nepalese community. Your cry for inclusiveness??? It’s a joke of the century!

  4. i totally disagree with lotus flower`s comment.your comment is just a criticism to them,you talked about the inclusiveness but does it mean that they should carry all rais,limbus,tamanga,lepchas,mogars,sherpas on their shoulder and bring them to take part in vote?its their interest.if they don`t show interest then whose faults is it?there are numerous castes but the qouta in the committee may be few ,so should they all be included or……???those who have interest ,they come forward,castism has nothing to do with it.so your comment is the real joke of the century.

  5. @ Lotus Flower,
    BCA elections was conducted here in Arizona, not in your autocratic country. We have got liberty to exercise democracy here. So, democracy as defined is known as government by people, for people, and to people.The election was successful because every body in our community regardless of their castes whether it be Bahun,Chhetris,Rais,Limbus,Subbas,Biswakarma etc. participated and elected officials who deserved to be in the post.So, get your facts straight Lotus Flower or whoever you are. It is not wise to comment on things that you don’t know about. My suggestion to you, why do you even bother?

  6. Well, Hari and Rose -your arguements don’t hold any water. You are meaning to say that democracy in Bhutan is not by people, for people and of the people. As much as you guesstimate and suspect that the election was not fair in Bhutan, I suspect that your election was not fair, too. Afterall, you guys have been making some baseless claims that adult franchise in Bhutan was violated. But, take a mirror and look at your own face and recognize that there is a louse walking on your own forehead than seeing an elephant walking on others’ head.

  7. @Lotus, not for you, obviously.
    Exactly, I am saying Bhutan’s election was not fair. You know what you guys did? You guys elected couple of Nepali representative in the South…so you can boast that you have equally represented Nepalese speaking population also. Your King, and your Ministers…have publicly declared that those hundred thousand people chased during the early 90s are not Bhutan’s citizen. How legit is that claim? Bhutan’s government can be called one of the most tyrannic one. Now, don’ tell me more about your mockery democracy.Should I know more about a place where United Nations couldn’t even open it’s office? Bhutan has no respect for humanitarian issues as it claims. Nuff said, I guess.

  8. @Vikalpa,Having seen fragmentation in Bhutanese Communities,residing in the country of opportunity,It has been obvious that leaders are taking advantages from us.Being evicted many times,I truly feel you,but do you have anything to prove on what you have submitted earlier?
    @Lotus..Your ideas are not that much bad,but you might be suspicioned,understanding the election held in the country and in an social organization. In democracy,to a county,its in favor of all to include people form different levels, castes, religions etc, however, it is bit different in a social organization like BNS.Generally, I have no idea whether BNS is an legal organization or not, whatsoever,to be honest it might be helping Bhutanese Refugee somehow somewhat.It would be more than awesome to know what has been done on behalf of Bhutanese refugee by this organization? Could someone fill me up? I wish and congrats to all the heroes,who have been elected recently. Help us, Save lives, but please stop corrupting!!Namaste.