Bandanko Chino echoes in Pittsburgh


‘Bandanko Chino Haaraii Laiidina Sakdina
Tara Timilaii Potay Lagai Deula…’

Pratap Subba being honored by BCAP
Pratap Subba being honored by BCAP

And yes, these were the much anticipated lines for the crowd gathered at Baldwin High School, auditorium, in Pittsburgh Sunday evening from Pratap Subba – known to be one of the pioneers of music forum in Bhutan. He thrilled the crowd to their satisfaction.

Kishor Pradhan and KN Timsina honored Subba with a framed letter of appreciation on behalf of BCAP applauding his contribution and for being a source of inspiration to the younger generation both inside and outside Bhutan.

Subba’s  Timi Deau Ya Nadeau’ was the first song aired officially through Radio Nepal in 1982 followed by the popular Bandanko Chino’ in 1984. He has recorded dozens of his songs in Music Nepal hence then.

Jagdish Samal
Jagdish Samal

To mark the annual cultural event- Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP) also invited Jagdish Samal, New York based Nepali singing star, who also made the crowd dance with cheers as he sang – Aljhay chha kyara pachauri cheyako botaii maa…’ While, he stunned the crowd with ‘Yeti thulo sansarama timi eklaii hunchaeu hola.

Samal originally from Illam in Eastern Nepal has been entitled with Radio Nepal, Hits FM, Kantipur FM and Kalika FM Awards and many more.

Then appeared Lokesh Gurung an emerging Bhutanese singer in diaspora from Missouri.

‘Purnimako chandrama laii, badalu lagna thalyo, Kailay kahii timro maya sankha lagna thalyo…’

Within three years of his resettlement, 18-years-old artist Gurung invested around US $3,200 for the production of his solo album ‘Pratiksha‘, which is a fusion of Nepali gazal songs.

“I started singing right from the age of nine,” explained Gurung. “The motivation that I have been receiving from senior artists have inspired me to come up with the album,” he added.

Lokesh Gurung
Lokesh Gurung

According Gurung, the album is under circulation within various states in America and Canada.The album has altogether seven songs including his own lyrics. Other lyricists included Dawa Tamang, Deepak Dasnami and Kiran Gazmere.

The Rhythmscreen Creation, a recording studio owned by resettled Bhutanese in Georgia, has done the task of recording and mixing of the ‘Pratiksha‘. Elaborating his future plans, Gurung says, preparation for doing a music video in one of his songs in Nepal is currently underway.

The four-hours long  event entertained the audience with number of dances, solo and duet songs by the local Bhutanese artists. BCAP organizes annual cultural event each year in the month of October to promote the community’s culture and encourage younger generation in the mission.

(Pictures used in the report are by Jeetan Gurung, BCAP)

Barsatko Tyo Raat by Lokesh Gurung