BAG’s Dashain concert in Atlanta


Bhutanese Artists of Georgia (BAG) organized a Bhutanese Artists Live Concert 2011’ on the occasion of Dashain and Tihar at Clarkston Community Center on October 16, 2011.

Artist performing at the show

Performed by prominent Bhutanese and Nepali artists including Karna Das and Mahesh Thulung the concert entertained about five hundred audiences.

The chief guest for the event was McKenzie Wren, director of Clarkston Community Center. The guests and participants were welcome with the tone of Malshree and Duesi and Bhailo.The event began with a song ‘Sambodhan Timilai’ dedicated to known and unknown Bhutanese who lost their lives during freedom movement and Georgia van accident which had claimed the lives of three Bhutanese youths in March,2011.

Karna Das rocked the stage with a dozen of his famous songs intermittently throughout the programme. Mahesh Thulung, a popular singer from Bhutanese Community who has recently released his hit ‘Moment,’ sang his famous numbers ‘Akashaima ’ and ‘Priyasi’. Emerging Bhutanese singers Sagar Rai, Pratap Magar,Shiva Mapchan,Sudesh Thulung and a dozen others including Dhan Gurung of the then Euphoria band of refugee camp in Nepal some of the famous Nepali songs.

There were also a number of group dances ranging from ‘Dashain Dikpal’ by Sanita Thapa and her team to Kunti Moktan’s ‘Humla Jumla Gadi Maa’ by Shristhi Mapchhan and her team. Duet dances and opera dances were also performed by the Bhuta nese artists at the show. Rajan Rai made the audience laugh with his famous jokes in between the show.

Participants at the show

The organizers facilitated McKenzie, the director of the Clarkston Community Centre and Susan Pavlin, the Director of Refugee Organizing in Action Network. A dozen of Bhutanese were awarded as the ‘Best Artists of Year 2011’ in the show that included prominent music arranger Bikash Thulung, rhythm guitarist Kamal Rai, among others.

There were 18 songs played live on the concert. The sound and light was managed by AEE Sound and Light of Atlanta.


  1. The radiobhutanonline is almost dead since AUG, apfa is shadowed and now BNS brings the news of the event that happened some 13 days ago…whats going on guys?
    I having personally attended this program, was expecting this news the following day of the event..but..

  2. NB Gurung Ji,
    Good catch I think.
    I was used to browsing the first onlinnews agency and the coverage was fantastic.

    Life time of media with out authenticity and accuracy is shortening.

    Bias and purchasable media soon result in dead option. BNS has many choices still. BNS team must have received a long ring. I can predict the life time as per their operation.

    BNS should be killed shortly if an alarming game is not understood. Offered chances are still there for BNS. My expectation is they change their operation theory asap. If not I have the key that stops the engine or we culture viruses in
    their system.
    The truth and fact for not publishing the artists stage program is a bias game. BNS took the other side of the desk being supportive figure of OBCA ‘s crack head in Atlanta.
    Let them feel on the top of the wold for sometimes.
    We have a good news, another group of Bhutanese will replace them soon.