BAG rocks Atlanta


Bhutanese Artists of Georgia (BAG) organized a cultural program titled ‘live concert with popular artist Rosan Gurung’ on Sunday at the Clarkston Community Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

First of its kind, the program was attended by Roshan Gurung, famous Nepali singer, Bhutanese artists along with some 400 Bhutanese resettled in Atlanta.

Gurung performed his popular songs including ‘sano timro samjhana’, ‘bhijla hai aasu le pachhuri,’ ‘kanchi lai’, among others both in live music played by Bhutanese artists and in tracks. Gurung also introduced his new album, ‘diula timilai’ to the audience.

Meanwhile, Bhutanese singers including Bimal Thulung, Sudesh Rai, Pratap Magar, Tika Rasaili, among others performed their talents while musicians Ram Gurung, Ratna Gurung, Bikash Thulung, Agam Gurung, Birkha Guragai and Bhim Magar rocked the floor. It is reportedly learnt that a number of dance shows, including the typical Nepali traditional ones, were also performed during the program.

BAG has been actively involved in promoting various cultural activities in Georgia since its establishment in June 2009,.


  1. Ratna Gurung dai and his team members have done wonderful job hosting concert with Roshan Gurung. In a way, it has helped maintaining social cohesion Vis-a-vis physchological wellbeing of Bhutanese community specially seniour ones in Atlanta. Roshan Gurung is a damn great singer!

  2. Congratulation to Ratnaji, Ramji and all the BAG team for successfully hosting the cultural show with the very melodious artist – Mr. Roshan Gurung.

    Ratnaji please pass my HELLO to Roshanji if he is still around.