BAF Europe lobbies for solidarity


Tej Man Rayaka, Munich (Germany)

Jan 26:  A five- member- delegation of Bhutanese Advocacy Forum – Europe (BAF-Europe), headed by its chief coordinator Durga Giri, held meetings with high level European Union Officials in Brussels on Jan25.
The delegates met Head of Unit for India, Nepal and Bhutan, Christian Remond and his deputy Rensje Teerind at the European Commission.

“We discussed issues concerning 1985 Citizenship Act, right to equal protection of culture, costume and tradition, and establishment of national human rights commission among others,” Ram Bahadur Karki Chhetri , who was present in those meets, told Bhutan News Service. “Accordingly, we submitted a memorandum paper to them.”

The delegates with Jean Christian Remond and  Rensje Teerink in European Commission
The delegates with Jean Christian Remond and Rensje Teerink in European Commission

BAF-Europe delegates also appealed the Commission to pressurize the Royal Government of Bhutan to initiate dignified and voluntary repartition of the exiled Bhutanese.
“We are not satisfied with Bhutan Government for its unsatisfactory cooperation with regards to the repatriation of Bhutanese refugees willing to go back to Bhutan” Karki quoted Remond  as saying to the delegates.

EU also restated its priority on repatriation issue in their future meeting with Bhutan scheduled for April this year. 

We are closely monitoring the status of around 80,000 Bhutanese who were deprived of their various rights including their right to vote in the last general election of 2008 in Bhutan, Remond said, reported Karki.

Likewise, the delegation held another meeting at the European parliament with Jean Lambert, Head of delegation for South Asia cum member of European parliament from Green Party, London.

Lambert expressed her views that it was a positive thinking towards the resolution of the crisis and would explore the possibility through the European Parliament and the Bhutanese authority.

The delegation also paid a courtesy visit to the Nepalese Embassy In Brussels and met Nepalese Ambassador to Germany.

The delegation comprised of Durga Giri, Ram Bahadur Karki Chhetri, Devendra Gautam , Bhakta Man Subba and Hem Rizal.


  1. It is rediculous to see the duality of some higly politicized resettled Bhutanese like Ram Bahadur Karki in Holland and Durga Giri in Germany who went there betrying the innocent refugees in Jhapa, for the greener pasture, and then lobbying for the repatriation of the innocent people. If these fellows sees repatriation as the best thing to happen, why can’t they themselves go back to Bhutan and call others too? They have taken all of their relatives from Jhapa to Holland and Germany and they want others to go back to Bhutan! Is this fair? Karki’s sasuralis are flying to Holland very soon. These two political demons never think of good for others. TCr is the best thing for the Bhutanese people because it will help them develop. Should Bhutan allow repatriation, if would be better first TCR to take place and go. Kakri and Giri are power mongers. They think that if they continue political activities in Europe they can become leaders or foreign ministers of Bhutan in future if the refugees are dumped back in the jungles of Bhutan. It is shameful in the part of their followers too. These two fellows must stop using others for their ego and ultimate devastation.

  2. Bhutanusa is a government chamca thats why he is barking like a mad dog to people who works selflessly for the people of Bhutan to get justice. I read their petition and found that they clearly said repatration for those refugees willing to return and does not want to opt for TCS. If anyone opposes such activities then he or she is a bhutan’s chamchas trying to infilterate in refugee community. We should never allow such evils to come inside our movement for greater cause of the people.

  3. I really impressed the work done by the people in europe. I salute their effort. There are more 25000 bhutanese has been resettled so far around the globe,but the people who were re-settled and asylume seeker in Europe are in one platfrom to promote Human Right and Democracy in Bhutan. I request all our Flolk joint hand with them to promote our issue. When a little happened in western world RGOB ears are turning. we felt the dept of the value here in bhutan
    Dont loss your hope my comrades if somebody is critisizing your worthfull job. I know some people who are not liking your job because they have sentby RGOB to vandalized your unity.

    I have been observing so long one of the person among many is Mr. Nanda Lal Gautam who has taken sellter in the netherlands and brings always misunderstanding among the bhutanese who wants to somthing for the general cause. I know him personnaly from Bhutan and he is mate too.
    I know him from chilhood and his nature. when ever some thing happened and done by our comrades from western world first bad coment is from him. Why? What is his intention.
    If he is doing so I thing i shall also vomite all his activities of thimphu
    which is completely known we few.
    Nanda labey be cooperate with the people, would lead to goodpositon

  4. Dear friends,
    It is good that European friends have done great job. We are looking more from your good self. When we do something, sometime we have some mistake that is not a big problem; we can correct it next time. But our intension should be there to make a mistake. Friends go ahead our people those who writes against are welcome, so that we have the opportunity to correct ourselves if there are any mistakes. all the best
    Thank you for your great job.